I am beginning my transition towards becoming a full-fledged grandma. A successful night in my book is no longer credited by how many shots I take, how late I stay out, or the number of frat boys I make out with. Now, ending the night alone in my bed with some pizza is all I need. So, if you’re getting old like me or you’ve just got a serious case of the drunchies, here is a list of some of the late-night spots Westwood has to offer:

1. Fat Sal’s Deli


Late Night

Photo courtesy of @fatsalsdeli on Instagram

Hours: Mon-Sat 11 am-3 am; Sun 11 am-12 am

Think of anything and everything that you could ever possibly want to eat after a night of drinking… Now put it all on a hero and you have a Fat Sal’s sandwich. These monster sandwiches have chicken fingers, fries, mozzerella sticks, and bacon. And that’s all on one sandwich alone. Combined with a variety of sauces and extra add-on’s, Fat Sal’s offers a wide selection of flavors ranging from buffalo or barbeque to Italian or Vietnamese. Jerry, of The Fat Jerry, (cheesesteak, chickenfingers, mozzerella sticks, bacon, fries, mayo, ketchup, salt and pepper, and a fried egg on a hero) is the only guy that will ever be worth leaving a party for. 

2. Tommy Taco

Late Night

Photo courtesy of @seh.rara on Instagram

Hours: Mon 10 am-2:30 am; Tue 10 am-2:30 am; Wed -2 am; Thurs & Fri 10 am-3 am; Sat 11 am-3 am; Sun 12 pm-2 am

Situated right next to Fat Sals, Tommy Taco offeres a more Mexican-fusion selection. While the menu features burittos and chili burgers, the Dream Fries are the real star here. These french fries are covered in melted cheese, sour cream, half of a fresh avacado, and your choice of bacon, steak, or chicken. 

3. 800 Degrees Pizzeria

Late Night

Photo courtesy of @800degreespizza on Instagram

Hours: Mon-Sun 11 am-2 am

800 Degrees is the pizza version of chipoltle. And as if it doesn’t get any better than that, these individual size neapolitan pizza’s only take about minute to cook, which is about the extent of a drunk college kids attention span.

#SpoonTip: Check out their Instagram page for daily specials on weekdays for only $5

4. Tacos Tu Madre

Late Night

Photo courtesy of @top_la_resturants on Instagram

Hours: Mon-Wed 10 am-12 am; Thurs-Sat 10 am-3 am; Sun 10 am-10 pm

Tacos Tu Madre is a new taco stand right outside of Westwood Village. Tacos here run between $2.50-$3.50. Which is perfect if you’re ballin’ on a budget

#SpoonTip: Their Red Velvet Churros with Cream Cheese Frosting will change your life.

5. In-N-Out Burger

Late Night

Photo courtesy of @evelynlingg on Instagram

Hours: Sun- Thurs 10:30 am-1 am; Fri & Sat 10:30 am-1:30 am

Nothing soaks up the alcohol in your stomach better than a greasy cheesburger. If that’s what you are looking for, than In-N-Out is the perfect place to go for the simple, yet satisfying burger.

#Spoontip: It goes without saying, but if you are an out-of-state kid like me who doesn’t know any better, order your double-double or fries “Animal Style.”

6. Tatsu Ramen

Late Night

Photo courtesy of @ramenrepeat on Instagram

Hours: Sun-Wed 11 am-2 am; Thurs-Sat 11 am-3 am

Every college student has had their fair share of the late-night ramen. However, Tatsu offers a ramen experience far more fullfilling than any cup of noodles ever could. Situated a few miles off campus on Sawtelle and just a five minute uber away, Tatsu serves a series of ramen bowls and side rice dishes. My personal favorite is the Soul Ramen with fresh corn and a seasoned soft-boiled egg.

#Spoontip: Order a free side of corn to put in your ramen

7. Italian Express

Late Night

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Hours: Mon-Sat 10 am-3 am; Sun 4 pm-3 am

Italian Express is on the edge of Westwood Village. Can’t make it that far? Don’t worry, I-Tal comes in clutch and hooks it up with the $1 delivery.

#SpoonTip: If you haven’t already, try their Teleport’n Garlic Cheese Rolls.

8. Enzo’s Pizza

Late Night

Photo courtesy of @spoon_ucla on Instagram

Hours: Sun-Wed 11 am-12 am; Thurs-Sat 11 am-3 am

Don’t want to commit an entire pizza at 800 Degrees or Italian Express? Don’t stress, Enzo’s offers pizza by the slice that is cooked to order with personalized toppings.     

9. Denny’s

Late Night

Photo courtesy of @wxcusemyblonde on Instagram

Hours: 24/7

Breakfast for dinner, what about breakfast for fourth meal? Denny’s, which is situated on the corner of Westwood Village, offers their full menu all through the night. Now you don’t have to wait until the morning to eat those pancakes you’ve been craving.

10. Bella Pita

Late Night

Photo courtesy of @bellapitala on Instagram

Hours: Mon-Sat 11 am-2 am; Sun 11 am-12 am

If you’re feeling the healthy route, hit up Bella Pita for some fallfel and hummus. You will feel less guilty about at least one decision you made that night.

11. Ralphs

Hours: 24/7

Now I know you may be wondering why there is a grocery store on this list, but because of the unrestricted access to a large variety of snacks and the new food bar area, you can get practically anything! From sushi to the new custom quesadilla counter and hot wing bar, the possibilities are endless at Ralphs– it’s the holy grail of food selection!