Burgers are great, whether you’re vegan or a meat-lover. Luckily, southern California (SoCal) is the golden spot to find one extreme to the other, and everything in between. Here some of the best burger places you need to hit up while living in (or visiting) the sunny state.

1. GD Bro Burgers

socal burgers

Photo courtesy of Paul Castro

This isn’t your typical burger joint. They have lots of unique burger options, and if that’s not enough to capture your attention, they also sell red buns. These red buns are called raspberry red buns, but they taste like a normal bun. You know they are doing something right here because they won season 6 of Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race, and they’re the genius creators of Afters Ice Cream.

2. Pig Pen Delicacy

socal burgers

Photo courtesy of @foodwithkevin on Instagram

Calling all meat-lovers — specifically, pork/bacon-lovers. Everything on this simple menu incorporates the beloved protein. From fries to breakfast burgers to sliders, this place might make you want to start a juice cleanse after eating, but it’s oh-so-worth it. And juice cleanses are overrated, anyways.

3. Seabirds Kitchen

socal burgers

Photo courtesy of @misarea on Instagram

Burgers are notorious for being manly, meaty, and messy, but there are quite a few great vegetarian options in SoCal too. Take these BBQ Jackfruit Sliders from Seabirds Kitchen, for example. Healthy, delicious, and surprisingly pretty similar to a pulled pork texture.

4. Oh My Burger

socal burgers

Photo courtesy of @healthnutlife on Instagram

Food fusions are all the craze right now, like this donut-burger fusion. Does this have all of your daily calories in one burger? Possibly. Do we really care once we sink our teeth in this heavenly creation? Nope. #YOLO.

5. Eggslut

socal burgers

Photo courtesy of @cookeatlift on Instagram

The main ingredient at this eatery is, you guessed it, eggs. Their goal is to celebrate “food that appeals to both novice and extreme foodie(s),” and, “make eggs appetizing all day, everyday.” Sold.

6. In-N-Out Burger

socal burgers

Photo courtesy of @foodwithjoe on Instagram

So I made a huge point on SoCal not just being about In-N-Out, but let’s be honest, this list wouldn’t be complete without it.

7. Slapfish

socal burgers

Photo by Hana Brannigan

They are mostly known for their mouthwatering lobster rolls, but did you know Slapfish offers more than just rolls? They have locations all over SoCal, so it won’t be hard to go and try this Baja Mahi Fish Burger for yourself.

8. Sessions West Coast Deli

socal burgers

Photo courtesy of Marissa Rea

Another option for vegetarians out there. This is a chickpea arugula burger, and it’s so full of flavor that you won’t miss the meat.

9. Umami Burger

socal burgers

Photo courtesy of Joseph Castro

Umami takes pride in their high-quality ingredients and the way they make their burgers. Everything is fresh here, and the flavor combinations are pieced together with a lot of thought to achieve that perfect umami level. Spoiler alert: they achieve it quite well.

10. Free Range

socal burgers

Photo courtesy of @freerangela on Instagram

If you’re all about the food trucks, Free Range is a truck you must visit. They are notorious for taking your brunch to the next level. This truck has fresh homemade baked goods, biscuits, beverages, and more, so you can find something to eat while you lazily stroll along at the farmers markets where they park.

11. Shake Shack

socal burgers

Photo courtesy of @ben_catcher on Instagram

I saved this one for last because the iconic east coast burger joint finally opened up a location in LA on March 15. I think this settles the relentless debate of which coast is better. #WestCoastFTW.