If you ever feel like walking out of the quad is too much work to catch a meal, be thankful for all of the delivery spots near campus that can satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re in the mood for pizza or African cuisine, local restaurants have got you covered. Here are some of the many possibilities for all your lazy day needs.

1. Sushi Love

Duke kids can’t get enough of this place. Case in point: On their first official day of delivery, they stopped taking orders a few hours early due to too much demand.

2. Grace’s Café


Photo by Brian Chan

One of only two Chinese restaurants on campus (if you count Panda Express…), Grace’s serves up authentic Asian cuisine both in their restaurant and right to your door. Plus, Grace’s is one of the few places nearby that serves bubble tea. #SpoonTip: Their daily specials, like Taiwanese-style Beef Noodle Soup, are always among their best options.

3. Jimmy John’s


A photo posted by Jimmy John’s (@jimmyjohns) on Sep 28, 2015 at 8:52am PDT

With a motto like “freaky fast delivery,” you know that Jimmy John’s will bring your food to you ASAP. Conveniently located right off East Campus, they can get sandwiches all the way to West in less than 10 minutes.

#SpoonTip: Don’t take a shower after you order thinking you’ll have time before JJ’s delivers. You won’t.

4. Enzo’s Pizza Company

If an event on campus has free food, there’s a 95% chance that there will be Enzo’s. Instead of hunting down all of the pizza around campus, you can just get your favorites delivered right to your dorm. #SpoonTip: Pay attention to which pizza is considered “premium” since they cost a tiny bit extra. Know what you’re ordering so you’re not surprised at the extra charge. 

5. The Loop


A photo posted by Anthony (@devouringjax) on Jan 22, 2015 at 2:12pm PST

In case you didn’t know, The Loop doesn’t only serve their food in the Bryan Center, but they also deliver around campus Sunday and Monday nights. That’s right, you can get their pizzas and shakes without walking all the way to the BC.

6. Hungry Leaf

A photo posted by Grace Klausen (@graceklausen) on Jun 18, 2015 at 9:31am PDT

One of the healthier options on this list, Hungry Leaf delivers wraps and salads to students who want something on the lighter side. Though all of their dishes are vegetarian by default, you can add on meat if you please. #SpoonTip: Adding chicken may not be the best decision of your night. It’s a tad dry.

7. The Palace International


Ordering from The Palace International is probably your only way of trying East African Cuisine on Duke’s campus. Good thing we have it, though, because their fried plantains are to die for.

8. MediTerra Grill


A photo posted by @heyhihelloyou on Jun 12, 2015 at 12:47pm PDT

Offering up classic Mediterranean faire, MediTerra Grill is your go-to place for meat on a stick. No seriously, their versatile menu includes hummus, falafel wraps and kebabs.

9. Heavenly Buffaloes

A photo posted by Cameron Lyon (@cameron_lyon) on Mar 15, 2015 at 2:31pm PDT

Another eatery conveniently next to East Campus, Heavenly Buffaloes is known for satisfying hundreds of Duke students’ late night munchies. Their colorful storefront easily stands out on Markham Avenue, but their flavorful wings and waffle fries are really the highlights of this perennial favorite.

10. Devil’s Pizzeria


Devil’s Pizzeria doesn’t just deliver pizzas — their menu also includes other classic Italian favorites like calzones, pasta and Stromboli. If you want a hearty Italian meal filled with cheesy goodness, this may be the choice for you.

#SpoonTip: Their pizza slices are on the bigger side, so be careful of how much you order.

11. Quick Meal


Photo courtesy of Quick Meal

Quick Meal offers everything from fried chicken to kebab platters to gyros. When you’re craving something, but not sure exactly what, you should be able to find something appetizing on Quick Meal’s menu.