Portland has become the epicenter of food cart culture. Entire blocks are filled with dozens of food carts with crazy and unique food options. If you live in Portland, near Portland or need to make a trip across the country to visit Portland, make sure to cross every food cart off your bucket list this summer.

1. PBJs Grilled


Photo courtesy of @pbjs_grilled on Instagram

These are not the normal PB&Js your parents made you as a kid. PBJs Grilled offers nut butter and jelly sandwiches filled with ingredients from an entire slice of pumpkin pie to fried shrimp. Try the “Oregonian” with pan-seared duck, hazelnut butter, blue cheese, and marionberry jam.

2. Potato Champion


Photo courtesy of @potato_champion on Instagram

This food cart takes french fries to a whole new level. If you want to stick with the peanut butter and jelly trend, try the french fries with peanut satay sauce and chipotle raspberry jam. However, the even more adventurous palak paneer or poutine fries are equally as delicious.

3. Bing Mi


Photo by Isabelle Crary

While the French may have their own version, Bing Mi serves authentic Chinese-style crepes. The savory crepe is filled with black bean paste, pickled veggies, green onions, cilantro, and a crispy wonton. Adding plum sauce is highly recommended.

4. Koi Fusion


Photo courtesy of @koifusionpdx on Instagram

If a Mexican and Korean food got married, the result would be Koi Fusion. The Koi Fusion food cart offers burritos, quesadillas and tacos filled with kimchi and your meat of choice. Obviously, there are also vegan options since this is Portland.

5. Kim Jong Grillin’


Photo courtesy of @paulyeo on Instagram

Sticking with the Korean fusion game, Kim Jong Grillin’ will fulfill all your wildest dreams for Korean BBQ. A Portland favorite is the KJG Hot Dog that comes with picked mango. Pretty much everything gets pickled in Portland.

6. The Grilled Cheese Grill


Photo courtesy of @hartfordjustin on Instagram

You have two choices at The Grilled Cheese Grill food cart:

1) Channel your inner toddler with the “Kindergartner” grilled cheese. Maybe add some tomato soup if you’re feeling a little more grown-up (as in 8 years old instead of 5).

2) Get one of the delicious, ~fancy~ grilled cheese options such as the Hot Brie with brie cheese, roasted red peppers, and spicy mustard.

7. Voodoo Doughnut


Photo courtesy of @voodoodoughnut on Instagram

No, Voodoo is not traditionally a food cart, but they do have one so it makes the list. The Voodoo Doughnut cart is a refreshing break from the endless lines that often fill the original store. And don’t worry, the cart still offers many of the favorites like the Marshall Mathers. Don’t have time to visit Voodoo? Spoon can help you make doughnuts on your own.

8. Tabor


Photo courtesy of Tabor on Facebook

Tabor serves Czech food. Not sure what Czech food includes? Seems like you need to make a trip to Tabor to taste pan-fried pork with horseradish or chicken paprikash.

9. Chepe’s


Photo courtesy of @mynikkkaa_ on Instagram

If El Salvadorian food is on your food bucket list (or if you just want to add it now), Chepe’s can help you out. Chepe’s makes fresh pupusas, which are similar to a stuffed tortillas. The pupusas are warm, delicious, and oozing melted cheese, beans and chorizo. It’s now entered in the competition for your new favorite comfort food.

10. The Egg Carton


Photo courtesy of The Egg Carton on Facebook

Think the best brunch and hangover food you have ever had. The Egg Carton serves a wide variety of egg and carb-filled concoctions from BLT to caprese biscuits. If your goal isn’t to cure your hangover, the cart also has a selection of beers.

11. The Frying Scotsman


Photo courtesy of The Frying Scotsman on Facebook

The Frying Scotsman serves a selection of tradition, crave-worthy dishes like cod and haddock fish and chips. However, you can’t leave without testing the somewhat intimidating Haggis (sheep liver, heart and lungs), Mushy Peas and Fried Mars Bars also lining the menu.