Good sushi can be hard to find, especially when you don’t have the money to spend at Nobu. Listed below are eleven places that are stepping up their sushi game in Central Jersey without the jacked-up prices.

1. Konbu

Central New Jersey

Photo courtesy of @staci_goldman on Instagram

The small dive right off of Route 9 in Manalapan may not look like the place with some of the best variety of sushi, but once you try it, you’ll be hooked. The friendly staff and fresh sushi will keep you coming back for more.

#SpoonTip: Order the Tuna Pizza (as pictured above). The flakey crust and heaping pile of tuna and avocado is the perfect size to share, or if you’re like me, eat it as a dinner.

2. Fusha Asian Fusion

Central New Jersey

Photo courtesy of @hungryjaps on Instagram

Every day is half price sushi day. A dinner of soup, salad and two rolls will keep your dinner under fifteen bucks, as long as you order basic dishes such as salmon avocado and shrimp tempura.

#SpoonTip: If you don’t like raw fish, or are looking to try something different, get the Black Angel Roll. The roll consists of a shrimp tempura inside and topped with crabmeat. 

3. Oyako Tso’s

Central New Jersey

Photo courtesy of @theonewithallthefood on Instagram

Located on Main Street, this hibachi and sushi restaurant always draws a crowd. Not only is the hibachi some of the best around, so is the sushi. Try out the TGI Roll to start. The sushi roll is filled with eel, spicy salmon, and seaweed salad, not to mention it’s topped with even more eel and spicy mayo.

#SpoonTip: Sit at the hibachi table for a great food experience, but don’t forget to order some sushi rolls to go with your meal.

4. Masa Sushi and Hibachi

Central New Jersey

Photo courtesy of @talkdirty2yourfood on Instagram

Having opened only months ago, Masa has amassed a following of sushi lovers. Costumers love the vibrant atmosphere, and unlike Fusha and Oyako Tso’s downtown, parking is no longer a hassle.

For only $16.95, the bento boxes come with the “main meat” of your choice, a California roll, shrimp shumai, tempura shrimp and vegetables, rice, and soup and salad to start. Even if you’re craving fish, one of the options available is assorted sashimi.

#SpoonTip: Try out the Amazing Roll. Filled with four types of raw fish and tobiko on top, the name speaks for itself.

5. Yama Sushi

Central New Jersey

Photo courtesy of @http.tali on Instagram

With over forty sushi rolls to choose from, you’ll never be bored. They have some of the best selection of sashimi in the area, with everything from fluke and sea urchin to belly tuna toro (whatever that may be).

#SpoonTip: Not feeling the normal sushi rolls? Try out the Tuna Mango Tartar. The cubed fish, mango, and avocado is finished with a fried quail egg and red tobiko.

6. Tokyo Sushi and Hibachi

Central New Jersey

Photo courtesy of @bcono on Instagram

At first glance, it seems like an overwhelming restaurant — steamed dumplings, an assortment of soups, appetizers, and dishes, not to mention the self-serve ice cream, dessert selection, and sushi. With so many options, it can be easy to overeat. Not to mention you can sit down for a hibachi dinner and order a few rolls to begin with.

#SpoonTip: Go for lunch on the weekday for a quick bite, or pay by the pound and bring it home.

7. Sushi King

Central New Jersey

Photo courtesy of @talkdirty2yourfood on Instagram

With a name as grand as Sushi King, they have definitely earned their title. The restaurant features dozens of unique sushi rolls like a baked salmon topped California roll and some with garlic. Not a single dish on the menu will cost you over ten dollars, making it the perfect spot to dine with a large crowd.

#SpoonTip: For $5.50, try out the Udon. It’s piled high with vegetables and fried shrimp tempura. To cut down some calories (and make you feel a little better about eating all the carbs from the thick noodles), order steamed shrimp in lieu of the fried ones.

8. Yimo Sushi and Hibachi

Central New Jersey

Photo by Nicolle Luftman

The restaurant has more than just cheap fish. They have a menu full of noodle dishes and Japanese fried rice, not to mention 25 different types of bento boxes with a variety of meats and fish to choose from. Plus, if you’re a sushi-newbie, every dish has a detailed description next to it. They may not have the biggest selection of fancy rolls, but they make up for it with their mastery of the simple stuff.

#SpoonTip: Look up their website and find a 10% off coupon. Make this inexpensive sushi even more inexpensive.

9. Sushi Palace

Central New Jersey

Photo by Lisa Gong

Whether you order the a la carte or the “all you can eat” option, you won’t be disappointed. Chef and owner Hayashi sure knows how to make a roll. With three locations in Princeton, Somerville, and Edison, you’ll never be too far away from your favorite food.

#SpoonTip: Go to one of the locations with a plan to get the all you can eat option. Get your money’s worth by going in on an empty stomach.

10. Mizu Japanese Cuisine in West Windsor

Central New Jersey

Photo by Rachael Piorko

With a standard of excellence, the fresh fish is what really stands out here. Looking at their menu, it seems a bit daunting with so many types of fish and rolls. The sushi bar options are a good option if you cannot decide. If you want to get a roll, try out the Sumo Roll, or even the Amazon Roll for a tropical eating experience.

#SpoonTip: Hosting a party and need a good bite-sized food for people to grab? Order a customizable sushi tray. For $100, pick up 6 “regular rolls,” 4 “special rolls,” and 12 pieced of sushi. 

11. Asian Harbor in Howell


Central New Jersey

Photo courtesy of @http.tali on Instagram

Asian Harbor is a restaurant that specializes in Thai cuisine but can make a mean roll. Make sure you save room for dessert and get an order of Tempura Oreos. The decadent treats are served fresh out of the fryer and topped with powdered sugar. You will no longer have to wait for the fair to get your favorite fried food.

#SpoonTip: Go as a group and order a ton of sushi. You’ll be presented with a boat full of your favorite rolls. Make sure you snag an Insta-worthy picture before everyone dives in.