There’s some mixing, shaking, and stirring going on in Paris’ bar scene and it’s happening where you least expect it. Hidden behind restaurants’ kitchens, back-alley doors, and lush garden gates awaits an underground world of flourishing speakeasies. Despite the fact that France never experienced its own Prohibition era, the allure of 1920s culture is making a modern-day reappearance in Paris thanks to nostalgic mixologists. Take a break from all the French wine and prepare yourself for an adventure into some elusive cocktail dens…


Photo Courtesy of Pizzeria Da Vito


Arrondissement: 11th
Suggested drink to order: Old Fashioned
Average cocktail price: 6 – 14€
Hidden behind the tantalizing smell of Da Vito’s pizzas lies a beautiful secret door. It might feel a little intrusive barging into a restaurant’s walk-in fridge solely to find the entrance to this elegant speakeasy, but—believe me—once you get passed the hanging hams it’s like walking into a scene from The Great Gatsby.


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Arrondissement: 3rd
Suggested drink to order: Brooklyn Lager (To go with your taco, of course.)
Average cocktail price: 11 – 13€
Average price for beer: 6 – 7€
Let’s be honest, one thing that is lacking in Paris is its Mexican food. However, Candaleria provides some salvation on that front for the fact that it’s not only a taqueria, but it’s also home to an awesome Brooklyn-styled speakeasy! Enjoy your tacos up front and when it’s time, saunter on back to the beat-up door near the stove to immerse yourself in Candelaria’s cozy cocktail den.


Photo Courtesy of TimeOut

Experimental Cocktail Club

Arrondissement: 9th
Suggested drink to order: There’s a seasonal menu and many people rave that you’ll be satisfied no matter what drink you choose, so drink up!
Average cocktail price: 13€
Do you want a handcrafted chef-d’œuvre, or what the French would call a masterpiece? Then say au revoir to your boring, old Jack-N-Coke and bonjour to the ECC bartenders who regard mixology as their finest craft. Considered one of the first Paris speakeasies—following the trend that began in 2007—Experimental’s swanky atmosphere and never-ending, novel cocktails allow it to hold its own among competing speakeasies.


Photo Courtesy of The ASW Globalist

Prescription Cocktail Club

Arrondissement: 6th
Suggested drink to order: Pepper Boy
Average cocktail price: 12 – 13€
Located in Paris’ lively Saint-Germain-Des-Prés neighborhood, Prescription delivers exactly what the doctor ordered: an atmosphere to satisfy what you dreamed your studying abroad experience would be like. Presented to you by the Experimental Cocktail Club team, Prescription offers a dark, gothic hideaway for lounging and enjoying a premium cocktail. Despite this bar’s two levels it still can be hard to find a place to sit, so don’t be surprised when every Parisian and their dog is here on a Saturday night.


Little Red Door

Arrondissement: 3rd
Suggested drink to order: Frenchie
Average cocktail price: 13€
Not surprisingly, this speakeasy’s name says it all. Situated behind an inconspicuous red door lies a rabbit’s hole of artfully crafted drinks. They have a short, curated menu, but the bartenders take pride in going off-menu and providing creative concoctions, so don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions! (They might even name a drink after you: “l’Américain à Paris”)


Le Syndicat

Arrondissement: 10th
Suggested drink to order: Any type of brandy.
Average cocktail price: 10 – 20€
The Organization for the Defense of French Spirits is a concept founded by Sullivan Doh and Romain Mouellic to preserve the heritage of notable Cognacs, Armagnacs, and other brandies. Providing a satisfying space to indulge in often overlooked French alcohols, Le Syndicat is a mysterious treasure you need to visit at least once. In common speakeasy fashion, don’t let the location’s decrepit façade or sketchy doorman fool you; the true wonder lies inside if you’re able to find it!


Photo Courtesy of TimeOut

L’Acte 3

Arrondissement: 3rd
Suggested drink to order: From Los Angeles
Average cocktail price: 10€
A few key principles mark the cocktails of L’Acte 3—the drinks must contain a spice, fresh fruit, and one type of alcohol. However, L’Acte 3 is interesting for the fact that it provides more than just a hidden joint to enjoy a savory drink. If you’re looking for a place with a little more entertainment, then head down to the basement to catch one of the bar’s nightly performances. The line up is all over the place from musical comedies and pub quizzes to club nights and concerts. For upcoming events, check out their Facebook page.


Le Ballroom du Beef Club

Arrondissement: 1st
Suggested drink to order: Going with friends? Order the punch bowl! Otherwise, sample the Salers Smach.
Average cocktail price: 12 – 15€
The Beef Club (unsurprisingly, true to it’s name) serves a lot of steak, but what you’re after is the underground bar called The Ballroom located to the left of the restaurant. Upon descending the spiral staircase to enter this speakeasy, you’ll find yourself in a lush space filled with velvet sofas and vintage-looking wallpaper. Go on Sunday to enjoy live music!


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La Très Particulier

Arrondissement: 18th
Suggested drink to order: Old Fashioned
Average cocktail price: 12 – 18€
This little known bar situated in beautiful Montmartre is a part of l’Hotel Particulier. It’s open to the public from Thursday to Sunday and it can be a challenge to find the entrance. You’ll have to ring the bell by the gate and let the person on the intercom know you’re there to get a drink. Once inside the gates you’ll find yourself situated in a beautifully designed garden with intimate outdoor seating. Check the weather beforehand so you don’t get caught in the rain when you get there.


Sherry Butt

Arrondissement: 4th
Suggested drink to order: Shimbashi or Goldenight
Average cocktail price: 12 – 13€
Named after a large cask for aging whiskey, Shery Butt entices the imagination with its industrial-meets-1950s Scandinavia feel and vast selection of over 60 whiskies. Pop-in during the week-nights for a relaxed atmosphere and finger foods or brave the full house on the weekends with eclectic DJ sets.


Photo Courtesy of Glass’ Facebook Page


Arrondissement: 9th
Suggested Drink to Order: Tattoo You or BrewDog Trashy Blonde
Average cocktail price: 11 – 12€
Average price for beer: 7€ for pints or 5 – 11€ for bottles
Granted, the neighborhood around Pigalle (Paris’ Red Light District) can be a little seedy, but the bars are great! Glass provides a beacon of hope for beer lovers who feel they’re trapped by Paris’ sea of wine. This bar’s broad selection of imported beers is enough to satisfy anyone’s craft beer cravings. However, Glass is also known for it’s other intriguing drink mixtures including: the “boilermakers” (a shot followed by a beer) and South American alcohols such as Pisco or Mezcal.