Eating out doesn’t have to be expensive, but some times it’s hard to find good food without blowing your budget. We found the top 11 places to grab a cheap meal in New Haven. The options range from crepes to salads, with everything in between, including macaroni and cheese hot dogs. See you later Burger King.

1.  Zaroka


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Zaroka is arguably the best Indian restaurant in New Haven and offers daily $8.95 ($10.95 on weekends) lunch buffets.  Fresh and well-stocked, the buffet boats boast classic Indian dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala and Tandoori Pork.

2.  Crepes Choupette


Photo courtesy of Crêpes Choupette

In case you didn’t hear, everyone’s favorite food cart now has a storefront restaurant, too. Whether you’re in the mood for sweet or savory, Crepes Choupette can satisfy your palate.  Our favorite is the “Choupette,” a prosciutto, goat cheese, fig spread and arugula crepe cooked to perfection for only $9.00.

3. Claire’s Corner Copia


Photo by Katie Fletcher

If you’re in the mood for a healthier meal and are trying to stick to your diet or health kick then Claire’s is the place for you.  The salads are reasonably priced, all under $10.00, and come with a side of bread if the lettuce doesn’t fill you up.  Try the Puebla Salad for a fresh take on the classic southwestern salad. (If you’re willing to splurge or are feeling a little naughty, you can order a shot of their deadly icing for a mere 50¢!)

4. Sushi On Chapel


Photo by Emily Sherwood

One of Yale’s students favorite stops, Sushi on Chapel is the go to sushi restaurant in New Haven. Some favorites are the Philly Roll ($7.00), the Tuna-Avo Roll ($6.00) and the Green Dragon Roll ($10.00).

5. Est Est Est Pizza


Photo by Sarah Strong

Est Est Est pizza rivals Pepe’s and Sally’s, but for a fraction of the cost and minus the long walk.  Open late nights, too; the next time you’re in the mood for pizza, order a medium cheese pizza from Est Est Est for only $9.95.

6. Junzi Kitchen


Photo by Nicole Laszlo

Opened by Yale grads this fall, Junzi Kitchen has reinvented Asian food, providing a tasty on-the-go option. For only $9.00, you can order a Noodle Bowl and fill it with your favorite meats, vegetables and sauces.

7. Jake’s Diggity Dogs


Photo courtesy of Jake’s Diggity Dogs

Chances are if you grew up in America, you’ve had a hot dog.  But you’ve never tasted a hot dog like the ones at Jake’s. Is it enough to say Mac Dog? Yup, you can get a macaroni and cheese topped hot dog for $6.00.

8. Pitaziki


Photo by Kristina Kim

Taking a cue from Chipotle, Pitaziki makes Mediterranean food fast and delicious.  You can design your own falafel bowls, adding meats, vegetables and sauces for just $8.95.

9. Louis’ Lunch" src="" alt="meal" width="796" height="466" />

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The home of the first hamburger and chosen as the Travel Channel’s Tastiest Burger, Louis’ Lunch is the place to go when you want a nice juicy patty. The burgers (just $6.00!) are cooked to order in the original cast iron grills and sandwiched between Louis’ special white bread.

10. Thai Taste" src="" alt="meal" width="595" height="393" />

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Thai Taste is another Yale favorite and offers generous portions of Thai Food for reasonable prices.  You can order any chicken, vegetable, or pork stir fry dish and pad-thai for only $10.95.  Whether you’re in the mood for sweet or spicy, the stir fry with satisfy your cravings.

11. Salsa Fresca


Photo by Wendy Sun

Rivaling Chipotle as Yale’s favorite Mexican spot, Salsa Fresca boasts all-natural and delicious options like pork and rajas.  You can build your own bowl, burrito or salad for only $7.95, and what’s even better is that you get free chips!