There's nothing I love more than a huge place that sells all kinds of food in huge packages that last a huge amount of time and give you a huge smile every time you eat them. No such thing as too much huge or using huge incorrectly when it comes to Costco, guys. It's basically a super big foodie playground where you can find anything and everything from fruits, vegetables, snacks, dips, flours, spices, grains, bars, drinks, ice cream, produce, and more in wholesale-sized packages that are sure to make your stomach and wallet very happy.

I like to consider myself a Costco fanatic. I get everything from there and end up having to make the oh-so-worth-it trip at least once a week. I mean, where else are you going to find a big jar of almond butter for the price of a small one they sell at a health food store? And trust me, I need my super large almond butter -- it's not a "buying a bunch of unnecessary items" type of thing.

Sometimes I'm in a rush, but thankfully, since I go in there so often, I don't need to go through the entire store to find the things I need. However, the other day, I miraculously had the time, so I decided, why not? My foodie self was so excited to see what new things Costco had in store. If you love this store as much as I do, you know there's a feeling of thrill and excitement that takes over you knowing that you're about to rummage through Costco aisle by aisle -- you just never know what new food products you're going to come to face with! 

This time, I came face to face with about a million (okay, maybe thirty) food items that had the chocolate factor written all over them. Every aisle had something else that I knew any chocolate lover would love to drop anything and take a huge bath in (I'm looking at you, huge ten pound tub of Nutella). If you're a chocoholic and haven't stepped into Costco lately, you have not lived. It has everything from ridiculously large packs of Milo to all the chocolate covered snacks. To make it a bit easier on my chocolate loving readers, I've taken pics and rounded up the best ten items you guys need to pick up the next time you're there. 

Just a small PSA: you might drool. Make sure to have a pack of tissues next to you in case the inevitable happens. You're welcome. 

1. Nestle Chocolate Chips

Susy Cohen

Nestle has always been the king of all chocolate chips, and you know I'm right. Plus that recipe for chocolate chip cookies on the back is the OG and the best recipe of all time. Where else are you going to find a four pound bag that'll last forever? Wait, maybe it won't last forever...since you'll probably be sticking your hand in there for "snacking", and you'll be putting them in everything from your morning pancakes and nightly hot cocoa...yeah, they definitely won't last forever. I suggest buying five packs to ensure you'll have enough for the entire week. 

2. Nutella Two-Pack

Susy Cohen

We all know Nutella is queen when it comes to chocolate. At Costco, you can have a two-pack for cheaper than one, and have Nutella to last you for the rest of 2018. If you've never tried topping your bagels with it, or even better, spreading a huge glob on your pancakes, you just haven't lived. Simple as that. 

3. Two Pound Container of Milo

Susy Cohen

This famous Australian chocolate powder is the greatest thing since the invention of sliced bread. It basically tastes like those iced chocolates you get at Starbucks, but with Milo, you can easily make them at home. Some people even sprinkle it on ice cream or breakfast cereals, and that just screams yum. Must buy.

4. Choco Crunch Figgy Pops

Susy Cohen

Ok, you know those energy ball recipes that are all over Instagram? These are basically the same idea, but the flavor is so ridiculously good. It's little balls made out of dates, figs, coconut, vanilla, and cinnamon with some organic cacao and organic cacao nibs thrown into the mix. These are no doubt the next big thing in health, and are a great snack that are full of healthy fats and plant-based protein, and contain only natural sugar from the dates and figs. Perfect to satisfy any chocolate craving and prevent those sugar spikes!

5. Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle

Susy Cohen

Crackers meet chocolate to create this super tasty brownie brittle. It has that crunch factor we all want in a snack, and those chocolate chips melt in your mouth, leaving you craving more. Think of a flat brownie type of thing, but take out the softness and add in a very satisfying crunchy sensation. Yum!

6. Chocolate Covered Almonds

Susy Cohen

Almonds are one of my favorite snacks ever! Healthy fats, plant-based protein, and a perfect grab-and-go. Dip them in chocolate though, and that's an entirely different game. It's basically combining savory and sweet, and I'm a huge fan of both. This huge container will definitely last you through the entire semester, so make sure to take a handful in a bag to class when you're feeling a good sweet crunch. 

7. Rocky Road Clusters

Susy Cohen

Caramel and milk chocolate in one? Yes please. Everyone loves a good scoop of Rocky Road ice cream, and these definitely taste the same (maybe even better). You get a combination of chocolate, almonds, caramel, and marshmallows in each bite. What more can you ask for?

8. Acai and Blueberry Flavored Centers Covered in Dark Chocolate

Susy Cohen

Acai bowls these days are all the rage, and I'm sure you've imagined a world where acai and chocolate could merge, because those two things are the best things of life, right? Today's your lucky day, friends, because these little flavored centers are basically that. Every bite tastes like an acai bowl topped with Nutella. Yes, you heard correctly, and no, you aren't dreaming. Best of both worlds!

9. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Pretzels

Susy Cohen

Some people are sweet and salty people, and those people need these pretzels. I think these go perfectly in a huge bowl of trail mix, mixed with some M&Ms and nuts and seeds. Mmmm. The sea salt helps bring out the strong flavor of the dark chocolate, and makes them so addicting. 

10. Soft and Chewy Granola Bars

Susy Cohen

I don't know about you guys, but as a kid, I grew up on Quaker chocolate chip chewy bars. These are basically the exact same thing, but the pack is huge -- sixty bars! Perfect to have in the office when you're craving something sweet, and they're made with whole, rolled oats, giving them that fiber factor that will slow down the sugar absorption in the body. Win-win!

Run, don't walk, to Costco.