Looking for an amazing brunch spot in New Orleans? It is no secret that New Orleans is full of outstanding cultural eats, all of which are so unique and tasty. When trying to navigate through the city and attempting to find the best eats, especially for brunch, it could definitely be overwhelming. Therefore, I am here to provide you with a guide of 10 restaurants that I personally think contain the most mouthwatering brunch in New Orleans!

1. Toast

Lindsay Axelrad

Located on both Laurel Street and Gentilly Boulevard, Toast has an extreme variety of brunch options, all of which are outstanding. The menu ranges from toasts to waffles to savory crepes, and seriously never disappoints. My personal favorites are the avocado toast and the aebelskivers, both of which are pictured above. 

The avocado toast is served on a crispy piece of toasted bread, containing perfectly seasoned slices of avocado atop a picture-perfect sunny-side-up egg. The aebelskivers are a main reason that this restaurant attracts tourists. The aebelskivers are puffed pancake balls with powdered sugar and come with a wide range of sauces. I got chocolate sauce and Nutella, but some of the other options they offer include lemon curd, maple syrup, jam, and caramel! 

2. Willa Jean

Lindsay Axelrad

If you ever visit New Orleans, I think everyone you know will tell you that you MUST go to Willa Jean. Willa Jean is a contemporary bakery located in the Warehouse District and has the most delicious and unique options. The menu changes seasonally and the environment of this restaurant is aesthetically pleasing. Pictured above is the avocado toast which as you can see is beautifully decorated. And let me tell you, it tasted even better.

Willa Jean is known for its baked goods and desserts, which I'm sure you've seen all over your Instagram. If you've ever seen the cookies with the big chunks of chocolate chips paired with a bowl of glistening white milk and a whisk full of edible cookie dough, you know exactly what I'm talking about. They may have been the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever eaten. The soft chewy texture of the cookie melted in my mouth and was seriously unbelievable. Overall, it is definitely worth taking a visit to Willa Jean if you are looking for a spot to have a great brunch in New Orleans. 

3. Atchafalaya 

Lindsay Axelrad

I went to Atchafalaya with my parents for the first time last week, and WOW did it exceed my expectations. Located in a residential neighborhood, this restaurant serves some of the best authentic Creole food I've ever had. The service was absolutely outstanding and both my parents and I were extremely satisfied with what we got. 

Pictured above is my dish, which was the chicken and waffles. This fluffy yet crispy waffle was served atop pieces of crunchy chicken thigh with garlic-chili crunch oil, 'crystal hot sauce' pulp butter, and fermented garlic honey. These flavors paired together were absolutely spectacular. My mom got the shrimp and grits and my dad got the duck hash, both of which were just as good as mine. They also have a make your own bloody mary bar which my dad really enjoyed. I seriously have not stopped talking about this restaurant since I went last week, and will definitely be making an appearance again soon. If you are looking for a spot that has the best brunch in New Orleans, you should certainly check out Atchafalaya, especially if you love unique Creole food! 

4. The Camellia Grill

Camellia Grill, otherwise known as the most famous diner in NOLA, is an absolute must for anyone visiting New Orleans. Serving a wide variety of comfort food with an old-fashioned environment, Camellia Grill is a spot you could always find me at with my friends! Walking distance from campus, this restaurant serves everything from eggs to waffles to burgers to sandwiches.

My personal favorite dish is their western omelette. The western omelette contains crispy ham, crunchy bell peppers, and diced onions, and is cooked to perfection. They have over 10 different omelette options to choose from and each sounds better than the next. Each omelette is served with fries, hashbrowns, or grits. Overall, Camellia Grill is a great brunch spot and contains a wide range of food options all of which are so amazing! 

5. Bearcat

Lindsay Axelrad

Located both Uptown and in the Central Business District, Bearcat always amazes me. It is one of my favorite restaurants to go to with my friends, and every single dish I've gotten explodes with flavor and is extremely tasty. One of my personal favorites is the Cat Daddy Biscuit, which is pictured above. The crispy piece of fried chicken atop creamy spinach and a picture-perfect sunny-side-up egg makes for the most amazing mouthwatering bite.

The aesthetic of the restaurant is also very chill and vibey and their wide variety of foods especially for people with dietary restrictions really makes it stand out. They are very big on using organic ingredients that way everything is prepared fresh and to the best of their ability, which is very nice. Overall, if you visit New Orleans and are looking for a great spot to have brunch in New Orleans, Bearcat is definitely a place you should try! 

6. Brennan's Restaurant

Lindsay Axelrad

Brennan's, a fine-dining restaurant that has been around since 1946 and offers creole-inspired cuisine, is one of my favorite restaurants in all of New Orleans. It is where the famous bananas foster dessert was invented, and if you order it, it is cooked tableside! The elegant aesthetic of its dining rooms, as well as the attentive service and divine dishes, make for an amazing and memorable experience. 

The food at Brennan's is absolutely outstanding. Pictured above is their Eggs Hussarde which is their version of eggs benedict. It consists of housemade English muffins, coffee-cured Canadian bacon, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce, and was unbelievable. All of the different flavors exploded in my mouth and the poached eggs were cooked to perfection. Also pictured are the potatoes and creamed spinach, both of which are side dishes. I was extremely satisfied with my experience here and am definitely looking forward to going back in the future. I highly recommend going here for a special occasion!  

7. Satsuma 

Lindsay Axelrad

Out of every restaurant in New Orleans, I think I am the most frequent customer of Satsuma on Maple Street (they also have locations on Dauphine Street and Magazine Street). It is only about a 15-minute walk from campus and you could always find me here with my friends on either Saturday or Sunday. You will always see Tulane students when you go, and the wide range of brunch options all made with fresh ingredients makes for the most ideal brunch spot. 

Pictured above is my absolute favorite dish to order, the turkey sandwich. Made with all-natural turkey breast, a creamy pesto aioli, roasted red peppers, arugula, and provolone cheese, this sandwich is something you MUST try. Also pictured above is their crispy pumpkin pancake which happened to be a seasonal dish, but don't worry, their regular pancakes are just as amazing! Their seasonal dishes and specials are definitely a unique touch to their restaurant, and I encourage you to try them as well because they seriously never disappoint. 

8. The Ruby Slipper Cafe 

Lindsay Axelrad

The Ruby Slipper Cafe, which has 11 locations across the Gulf South Region is a fantastic brunch spot to go to with literally anyone. Its unique flavors and amazing hospitality are characteristics that the restaurant aims at providing to gather the community together. This was its ultimate goal while trying to rebuild the city after Hurricane Katrina, and it has stayed that way ever since. 

Pictured above is my favorite dish on their menu which is the Eggs Blackstone, one of the many unique Eggs Benedict dishes offered on their menu. It is a fluffy yet crispy buttermilk biscuit atop applewood bacon, grilled tomatoes, and poached eggs finished off with a flavorful hollandaise sauce. It is magnificent. Another dish that I absolutely love is their french toast bites, which are served as an appetizer. These brioche-based french toast bites which are fried and doused in sugar served with cream cheese icing and praline sauce are literally insane. They also offer many other amazing options! 

9. The Court of Two Sisters 

Lindsay Axelrad

The Court of Two Sisters, which has a live jazz brunch, a buffet with luscious Creole and Cajun cuisine, and the most beautiful courtyard, makes for the most perfect brunch experience in all of New Orleans. I went for the first time last year with my parents and was pleased with my brunch. The food was absolutely delicious and the buffet was a very unique touch to the dining experience. I loved exploring all of the different options and being able to enjoy live jazz music while doing so. 

I got the Eggs Benedict, which is pictured above. As you could probably tell by now, Eggs Benedict is my favorite breakfast dish. It was fantastic! There was also a make your own omelette bar which my mom really enjoyed. My side of hash browns was crispy and seasoned to perfection. Overall, this restaurant really gave me a unique New Orleans experience, and I highly recommend bringing your parents here! 

10. Tableau

Tableau, located in the heart of Jackson Square was such a fun and memorable meal. Sitting on the balcony overlooking Jackson Square while enjoying a variety of marvelous dishes was quite the experience. Their courtyard located on the first floor is extremely beautiful as well. 

I had the Eggs Tableau, which is their unique spin on Eggs Benedict. It consisted of house-made tasso, poached eggs, pepper jelly, a fluffy English muffin, and Hollandaise sauce, and did not disappoint whatsoever. The pepper jelly was a very nice touch and it really added to the rest of the components in the dish. I also had the creole french onion soup which was terrific.  This is an amazing brunch spot to go to, especially if you are spending the day exploring the quarter and Jackson Square. Out of every restaurant that offers brunch in New Orleans, I think this wins for the scenery, so it is definitely worth checking out!

This list of brunch places in New Orleans is endless, and every single one has unique characteristics that make it so great. I hope this list was able to provide you with at least some guidance when trying to find the most perfect brunch spot for yourself! Start planning and get ready to explore all of the superb places that contain the best brunch in New Orleans!