We know freshman year can be an adjustment, especially when that means no more home cooked meals anymore. Luckily, University of Delaware's Main Street has all your basic meal needs. If you're looking for a quick bite in between classes or your new go to spot to get dinner, Main Street is your new best friend. Here are ten of the best restaurants at University of Delaware that are known for their delicious dishes. 

1. Klondike Kate's

 If you haven't been to Klondike Kate's, then do you really go to UD? Klondike Kate's Restaurant & Saloon has been considered the signature and classic spot for students and Newark residents since 1979. The lively atmosphere mixed with the University of Delaware blue hen decor that fills the restaurant is what makes it such a classic. Students love to take advantage of half priced nachos on Tuesday..... there is always a line outside. 

2. Home Grown Cafe    

During the summer and spring months, Home Grown's outside patio is always filled. People love sitting outside and enjoying the restaurants atmosphere, and of course enjoying the food. Home Grown Cafe prides itself on being "local flavor." The restaurant uses homemade and local ingredients to provide for people with all types of dietary restrictions. People can find meals for carnivorous, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free friends. Home Grown is a unique favorite that also has live music many nights of the week. Whether you're looking for an omelette, some tacos, or just want a really good burger, I suggest you give Home Grown a try. 

3. Roots Natural Kitchen

Located at the heart of Main Street, Roots Natural Kitchen is a create-your-own salad bowl fast food restaurant. Roots Natural Kitchen offers a variety of lettuce bases such as Arcadian Mix, Kale, and Spinach which can be topped with multiple selections of rice, beans, vegetables, and cheeses. Bowls can also be prepared with other extras like almonds, corn, eggs, chicken and more. Roots is great if you are looking for a healthy yet delicious snack around campus!

4. Cheeburger Cheeburger 

Cheeburger Cheeburger is a traditional diner style restaurant at University of Delaware that serves some of the best burgers, shakes, and fries you can get on campus. When you walk in, you immediately will get diner vibes. It is set up as if you're in an actual 1950s diner with seats, counter, and wall decorations. Cheeburger Cheeburger is the perfect place for some late night eats or to share a milkshake on a date. 

5. Snap Custom Pizza

Not being from New York, I never really knew what "good pizza" was. Then when I got to school, I tried Snap for the first time and learned what I consider to be a top-notch pizza. Snap Custom Pizza and Salads offers personal size, thin crust pizzas with a variety of toppings ranging from pesto, to Chipotle corn, to baby arugula. If you aren't a pizza fan, there's other options for you that are still great. Snap offers fresh and healthy make-your-own salad options as well as grain bowls and mozzarella bread sticks. If you're worried that you might be having withdraws from your favorite pizza place at home, don't worry. The next best is right here on campus!                        

6. El Diablo

El Diablo is a lively Mexican eatery on Newark's Main Street and a fan favorite of students. The Mexican joint has many different burrito, taco, and quesadilla options that students love to pick from. If you love Mexican food and want to switch it up from your usual Chipotle or Qdoba habits, then give El Diablo a try!

7. The Perfect Blend  

At the beginning of Newark's Main Street, there is a little white house. This house sells the most delicious Belgian Waffels and coffee. You can get one waffle for $4.75 with a selection of toppings such as banana, Nutella, peanuts, crushed Oreos, and more. Perfect Blend also offers locally roasted coffee and specialty espresso drinks of multiple flavors. Cookie butter latte, Raspberry latte, and Lavender latte are just a few of the unique coffee flavors to choose from. Perfect Blend is great for a sweet breakfast or snack!

8. Taverna Rustic Italian

Taverna serves some of the very best Italian food that Newark, Delaware has to offer. Taverna has a variety of delicious coal fired pizzas, pastas, and other Italian dishes. The mix of the relaxed atmosphere and the taste of Italy this spot has to offer is worth trying your first year at school.

9. Newark Deli and Bagel

If there's one breakfast place that students survive on, it's NDB. This award winning deli has some of the best bagels in town. With ten bagels flavors to choose from and a wide range of club sandwiches and salads, NDB will have your heart even more than your favorite deli at home. Try it when you need a break from dining hall bagels and you'll be soon finding yourself here five times a week. 

10. Iron Hill Brewery

Last but not least; Iron Hill. From flatbreads, to egg rolls, to soups, to burgers, Iron Hill makes a great dinner destination with some friends who all want something different. The restaurant also conveniently offers a gluten free menu that still has delicious options to choose from. Make sure to check this place out, you won't regret it!  

This is just a taste of the very best that UD has to offer! With so many delicious options available, figuring out your next meal will be one less thing to worry about freshmen year!