Ah, Newton. The word instills fear and anger in all incoming freshman. I was mad when I got my freshman housing assignment and learned I'd be kicking it on the bus everyday as I trekked from Newton to main for my classes. However, as I near the end of my freshman year, I've started to get nostalgic. I've come to love the Newt, and I know I'll miss having the best dining hall at Boston College a few steps from my dorm. Here's 10 reasons why I'll miss Newton's Stuart dining hall.

1. Sandwich Line 7 Days a Week

One of the greatest advantages of Stuart dining hall is the panini line every day. The offer classic sandwiches along with specials to mix it up every once in a while. Top it off with a side of chips and a pickle, and kids living on upper will be envious of your sandwich game.

2. Themed Nights

Stu knows how to make a day special. If there's a need for celebration, whether it's Mardi Gras or a regular Wednesday night, they'll roll out the table clothes and turn your regular cafeteria dinner into an experience. I love the themed nights; the dishes are exciting, new, and change up the regular choices.

3. The Staff

With such a small student population to serve, the staff really get to know you. They're always there to help you if you need anything or ask you about your day. Not to mention, they'll also remember exactly how you like your hot chocolate.

4. Coffee Bar

Speaking of hot chocolate... Stuart's coffee bar is truly a life saver. They can whip up everything from pumpkin spiced lattes to iced caramel macchiatos without any hesitation. Though, their hot chocolate is their famous drink—you can't have just one. Plus, it's all on your regular meal plan, which means you can save your Eagle Bucks for other specialty drinks.

5. Virtually Open All The Time

Okay, not literally all the time. They open around 8 every morning and close at 12, but in between there are no closed doors. Unlike other dining halls that need to reset between meals, Stuart is always open to satisfy any snack needs and make sure you're always full.

6. No Lines

With a small number of people to serve, getting food takes no time. You'll never wait more than 5 minutes to get exactly what you want. Plus, this means it's quicker to get seconds, too.

7. Smoothies

Even if you're running late to class, waking up with a green smoothie is the perfect way to start your day. So far, they're only served at Stuart, so Newton kids can get a green energy kick in morning before rushing off to catch the bus.

8. Desserts

I swear, the desserts at Stuart are better than any other dining hall. From the puddings, to cannolis, to cupcakes, they know how to treat my sweet tooth. 

9. Study Space

If it's not a major meal time, Stuart is a quieter environment, perfect for studying. Since we share with the Law School, there is plenty of study space with great proximity to snacks galore.

10. Feels Like Home

Nothing beats coming "home" after a long day to grab your favorite dinner and cookie. As cliché as it is, the Newton community is real, and I love getting to head back at the end of every day.

Whether you live on Newton, study there at the law school, or are just visiting from main, Stuart dining hall will cater to all your needs and make sure you're well nourished. Nostalgia is already setting in and I know I'll always miss Stu.