We all know the best way to explore a city is through its food. Luckily, London has lots to offer when it comes to great dishes. So here’s a list of 10 can’t-miss spots for your next adventure across the pond.

1. The Breakfast Club


Photo courtesy of Adam Wilson on flickr.com

This family run caf (not café) has twelve different locations around London. The original location in Soho started out as an 80s themed experiment which quickly gained traction for its killer brunch menu. They even offer an All-American if you’re craving a little bite of home. Although the queue can be a hassle, the Huevos Al Benny are worth the wait.

2. Soho’s Secret Tea Room


Photo courtesy of @yelpinc on flickr.com

This old fashioned tea room in the heart of Soho is easy to miss if you don’t know where to look. Hidden above an average street pub, the 1940s-style decor is the perfect solution for a mid-afternoon snack. The bright pink attic tea room is sure to settle your fix for scones and pastries.

#SpoonTip: Nervous about your first tea time across the pond? Brush up on your “pinky’s out” here.

3. Poppie’s Fish & Chips


Photo courtesy of @sstrieu on flickr.com

You can’t visit London without trying the quintessential example of English cuisine. Order the regular Haddock Fish & Chips (yes, it’s even better than New England’s version) or go for some other English classics like sticky toffee pudding. You can also order take-out and enjoy your chips while sight-seeing the Camden Lock.

4. Ben’s Cookies


Photo courtesy of Mabel Lu on flickr.com

The little kiosks can be found throughout the city, so it’s hard to miss Ben’s chocolate gems. Ben has been specializing in “baking with chunks, not chips” since 1983. Unless you’re lucky enough to catch them right out of the oven, make sure to ask for it heated up. Can’t figure out which one to buy? Take this quiz to help decide.

5. Daisy Green


Photo by Lucy Purinton

This quirky Australian café and restaurant offers healthy on-the-go snacks or a place to sit down for brunch. From green smoothies to the award-winning banana bread sandwich with mascarpone, honey, and berries between two layers of grilled banana bread, the bright atmosphere is a quick escape from any rainy weather. You can even catch their hot pink froyo truck stopping around the Marble Arch.

6. The Chin Chin Lab


Photo courtesy of @chezshai on flickr.com

For all the science geeks with a sweet tooth, Chin Chin’s food experiments are sure to win over your brain and belly. The laboratory-style shop is famous for their liquid nitrogen ice cream which they freeze on the spot. For cooler occasions, try their Instagram-worthy hot cocoa.

7. Camden Lock Market


Photo courtesy of @lacitavita on flickr.com

Food markets are the perfect way to experience the culture and variety of wherever you are, and Camden Lock Market is no exception. From deep fried candy bars to mounds of paella, Ghetto Grillz bagels, and freshly opened coconuts, this market is the best place to go if you’re craving something adventurous. Just don’t forget to bring your appetite.

8. San Carlo Cicchetti


Photo courtesy of @adriancorlett on flickr.com

On the savory side, San Carlo Cichetti off of Piccadilly Circus offers traditional Italian in small tapas-like dishes. Dress up and treat yo’self to their truffle and pecorino ravioli, burrata, or filet of seabass. The dishes are small, and they recommend 2-3 plates per person.

Warning: it can get a little pricey, so Cichetti’s is best for a special occasion. Bring a friend or date so you can try as many items as possible, and don’t forget to finish with a classic Italian dessert like affogato.

9. Cereal Killer Café


Photo by Emily Genzer

Another Camden favorite is the Cereal Killer Café. With over 120 types of cereal, 30 flavors of milk, and twin size beds for seating (no joke), your inner 10-year-old will be in sugary heaven. The café carries all the traditional favorites and even some rarer specialties like French Toast Crunch. The stars of the menu are the Cereal Cocktails. Chocolate lovers should check out “The Lion King,” while “Unicorn Poop” (don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it) is perfect for all the Lucky Charms fans.

10. My Old Dutch Pancake House


Photo by Lucy Purinton

My Old Dutch is so much more than your average IHOP. Their menu is filled with every type of pancake (or waffle) and topping imaginable. While it’s hard to turn down any variation of a Nutella crepe, the savory options are also amazing (smoked duck pancake, anyone?). The Dutch pancakes are about three times the size of your face and come out on an even bigger plate. Luckily, they’re crepe-thin, so it’s completely acceptable to order seconds.