Yes, it’s that time of year again–welcome UF class of 2020. I’m so excited for everything you’re going to experience this summer attending the greatest school in the nation. Summer B was the time of my life (I loved it so much I’m going again this year).

As a newbie in Gainesville, it’s necessary for you to know some great places to grab some grub. Check out this list of 10 places you must hit up during Summer B to have the ultimate experience.

1. Relish


Photo by Jen Baron

For those of you that like burgers ,(greasy burgers to be exact) Relish is the perfect place to eat after a night out in mid. It’s sort of like Chipotle in that you can put a variety of toppings on your burger including guacamole, cheese, veggies, etc. through an assembly line. You can get your burger with fries which you can upgrade to cheese fries, cheese, bacon and ranch fries, or gravy fries.

#SpoonTip: It’s located smack in the center of mid, so you can satisfy your drunk cravings in just minutes.

2. The Hyppo


Photo courtesy of

The one downside of Summer B is simple: the weather. It’s over 90 degrees outside every single day and really humid. The Hyppo is a great popsicle place to visit since they serve up a huge variety of gourmet, fruity, savory and sugary ice pops. The best part is that you can pay an extra dollar to have your ice pop dipped in chocolate.

#SpoonTip: Try the Horchata pop dipped in chocolate–it’s one of my personal favorites.

3. The Coop


Photo courtesy of @dynamicmelody on Instagram

The Coop serves up pretty much everything: salads, wraps, wings, waffles (yes that means chicken and waffles) and shakes. They offer both grilled and fried chicken so almost anyone can be satisfied. My favorite dish is the Chicken Coop Wrap with balsamic vinaigrette.

#SpoonTip: The waffles are also to die for–I recommend the peanut butter and s’mores waffles.

4. Planet Smoothie


Photo courtesy of @planetsmoothie on Instagram

Hands down my favorite smoothie place in Gainesville. Planet Smoothie has basically every flavor imaginable. I don’t have a favorite smoothie because I usually try something new every time, but I’ve never been disappointed. During your hot Summer B days these smoothies will save you.

5. Piesanos


Photo courtesy of @mrjustin6k on Instagram

Piesanos is an Italian restaurant just walking distance from campus. While they’re mostly known for their pizza, they also have soup, salad, pasta, and other Italian-esque entrees. Surprisingly, my favorite dish is their field green salad which contains field greens, walnuts, fresh apples, red grapes, Craisins and tomatoes, served with raspberry vinaigrette.

#SpoonTip: If you’re feeling healthy try their grilled chicken parm with steamed broccoli.

6. Leonardo’s Pizza by the Slice


Photo by Ruchika Agarwal

This pizza place is also conveniently walking distance from campus. They have pizza, pasta and salad which are all served quickly, so it’s a great place when you’re short for time. All of their meals come with two rolls including warm marinara sauce and their special garlic sauce.

#SpoonTip: The sauces mentioned above can become highly addictive so watch out.

7. Big Lou’s NY Style Pizzeria


Photo courtesy of @edithboucher on Instagram

Big Lou’s is one of my personal favorites. This pizza joint is located downtown and has a cute outside seating area to enjoy your meal. If you’re a northerner and miss NY style pizza this is the place for you.

8. Dragonfly


Photo by Gabrielle Marton

Dragonfly has the best sushi in the entire world hands down (I love it so much I force my friends to go there for their own bdays). While this might be a more expensive option, treat yourself for all the hard work you do during Summer B. My favorite roll is The Slammin Salmon Roll which has krab delight, avocado, asparagus, cucumber, scallions, salmon, spicy sauce and eel sauce.

9. Know Where Coffee


Photo by Melissa Goldstein

Know Where Coffee is the most underrated coffee place in Gainesville. Over the semester my friends and I would grab an iced soy latte and study in the cute shop for hours. While the coffee is a bit pricy, it’s truly the best of the best.

#SpoonTip: The coffee is really strong.

10. DLites


Photo courtesy @rkrockwell on Instagram

D’Lites was my freshman year addiction. This froyo place features four flavors a day, in addition to chocolate and vanilla. Not only does the froyo taste amazing, it’s low in calories–this is a great snack to help you avoid that Summer B Fifteen. D’Lites is another refreshing treat for those hot Gainesville days.

#SpoonTip: You can go to their website everyday to check out the flavors of the week.