I spent the month of January island-hopping in Hawaii. Not only was it beautiful, but the food was so fresh and amazing. Hawaiians have "Aloha Aina," or love for their land, that makes them really cherish everything that grows and every animal that lives on their soil, and it shows in how wonderful the foods are. Here are my 10 must-try food destinations on the Hawaiian Islands!


Da Cove Health Bar: Waikiki, Oahu

Tiffany Snadowsky

This stop has the best acai bowls I have ever had in my life. These have the most tasty honey and bee pollen, which was really cool. They were so good, we went back a second time on our trip! It's the perfect hike-to-diamond-head-to-see-the-sunrise kind of breakfast! 

South Shore Grill: Honolulu, Oahu

After my first time surfing, boy did I work up an appetite! This place had the most incredible cajun fish tacos! The fish is so fresh and the extra kick of spice was oh so good. This place also seemed like the spot where all the locals go, so you know going here, you're doing something right.

Island Vintage Shave Ice: Waikiki, Hawaii

This shaved ice isn't like any normal shaved ice. There are so many flavors to choose from, it has a cone-shaped macadamia nut ice-cream scoop inside and it's covered in yummy fruit and sweetened condensed milk for an even sweeter treat! They are huge, so I would recommend sharing! 

The Big Island

On The Rocks: Kona, The Big Island

On The Rocks was definitely the restaurant with the coolest ambiance in all of my Hawaii food adventures. The tables are on the beach, in the sand, and there's always live entertainment and tons of amazing food options.

Gypsea Gelato: Kona, The Big Island

I kid you not, we went here every single night we were in Kona. The gelato is just that good. Their vegan chocolate hazelnut is what sold me. They make their vegan gelato with macadamia nut milk, for a little Hawaiian twist to vegan gelato. They have flavors like baklava, Nutella s'mores, and even sorbets like lemongrass. This place is a must try.

Kona Haven Cafe: Kona, The Big Island

Kona coffee is famous around the world for its rich taste, and you definitely taste it at Kona Haven Cafe. They have so many coffee drinks to choose from. So whether you're a plain regular coffee drinker, to a frozen flavored coffee drinker, you are covered!

Hilo Farmer's Market: Hilo, The Big Island

If you are looking to try new fruits, or just looking to taste the best produce you've ever tasted in your life, look no further than The Hilo Farmer's Market. Not only does it have amazing produce, but it also has so many local vendors showcasing their art, jewelry, crafts.

Ken's House of Pancakes: Hilo, Hawaii

Ken's House of Pancakes is famous in Hilo. Dwayne The Rock Johnson has been there multiple times! Not only are their pancakes fluffy and perfect, but their whole diner-style menu has a wide range of options that will leave you very full and happy!


 Kenji Burger: Kapaa, Kauai

This was definitely the coolest find on the trip. Their asian inspired menu has tasty burgers and those oh-so sought-after sushi burritos that everyone is looking for. 

Pono Market: Kapaa, Kauai

If you go to Hawaii, you just have to try poke bowls! This place has so many different types of freshly caught fish to choose from. I don't even like sushi, and I liked this poke. I highly recommend the spicy ahi poke bowl in the photo above!