Providence may be a small city, but it is full of restaurants based on a large variety of different cuisines. From classic American to hipster Asian fusion to sophisticated Peruvian restaurants, Providence is the place to be for an epic food adventure. Coming to Providence, I discovered that authentic Asian restaurants weren't too difficult to find, so international students and other foreigners residing in Providence who miss the food from home don't have to wait until the next time they go back to finally get a taste of nostalgic Asian food. 

1. Yan's Cuisine

Wen Yuan

Yan's Cuisine serves classic take-out Chinese food, but what I love most about this Asian restaurant is the hot pot, which is usually served on the second floor. Yan's features a hot pot menu full of popular Chinese vegetables, a variety of thinly sliced meats from lamb to beef to pork, and two kinds of soup bases: one spicy Mala broth and one non-spicy ox bone broth. Yan's is the perfect place to go to with a large group of friends for a late night hot pot dinner. 

2. Heng

Wen Yuan

Heng is a Thai restaurant located on Thayer Street right across the Brown University Bookstore. Situated in a small corner underground, Heng is a cozy restaurant, ideal for a date or meal with a group of friends. Serving classic Thai dishes like Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup, Chicken Satay, and Thai Beef Noodle Soup, Heng is an absolute must-try if you enjoy large portions and strong Thai flavors. 

3. Mokban

Wen Yuan

Mokban is a traditional Korean restaurant located in downtown Providence. Every main item at Mokban is filling, nutritious, and balanced, leaving behind an overall feeling of satisfaction. Almost all entrees are served with side dishes, salad, and soup because Mokban stresses the experience of a Korean homemade meal. Mokban is a great option if you have a couple hours in between class for lunch or if you want to eat a meal while watching TV at home since you can also order for pick up. 

4. Wara Wara 

Wen Yuan

Wara Wara is a trendy Japanese restaurant located around Hope Street, known mostly for its ramen and tapas. It is the place to go for a big, warm bowl of ramen, and Wara Wara also offers unique desserts like Green Tea Molten Lava Cake and Taiyaki, a type of Japanese custard or red bean pastry. I would recommend this restaurant to small groups because it may be hard to find seating in this small but inviting restaurant.

5. DENDEN Café Asiana

DENDEN is Korean/Japanese restaurant located on Benefit and Meeting Street, not to be confused with the other DENDEN branch Korean Fried Chicken restaurant. This restaurant is all about a cool cafe experience, serving a lot of classic Korean and Japanese starters, as well as popular Korean street foods and Japanese bento boxes. DENDEN is also a great place if you're looking for a good variety of vegetarian options.

6. Soban

Wen Yuan

Soban is one of my personal favorite Korean restaurants because it's conveniently located on Thayer and it serves quick and easy Korean staple foods, like bibimbap, kimchi stew, and japchae. Whether you're in between classes or thinking of a simple restaurant to visit with friends, Soban is a cozy place to enjoy Asian food and it is also a good option for pick up as well, especially if you use the Snackpass app. 

7. Chongqing House

Wen Yuan

Chongqing House is one of the most authentic Chinese restaurants that I've visited in my one year of exploring Providence eateries. Located on Wickenden Street, Chongqing House serves large family-sized portions, so I would recommend a large group of friends or a large family craving spicy Asian food to give Chongqing House a try. 

8. Pakarang Exquisite Thai Cuisine

Wen Yuan

Pakarang is the first Asian restaurant that I visited after initially coming to Providence, and it has left one of the best impressions. Not only was the service phenomenal, but the food was also super flavorful and fragrant, and every dish was piled high with nutritious ingredients. This restaurant is a little bit more on the fancy side and I would say that it's more appropriate for smaller groups. It is definitely worth the trip to South Main Street for authentic Thai classics. 

9. Jahunger

Jahunger is a trendy Uyghur restaurant on Wickenden that is particularly popular for its variety of well-seasoned noodles and dumplings. This Asian restaurant is modern and cozy, making it the perfect place for a weekend lunch or dinner date. The service is also very accommodating, so I definitely recommend stopping by Jahunger instead of ordering it for pick up or delivery. 

10. Sura

Sura is an Asian restaurant that offers both Korean and Japanese favorites, from sushi and teriyaki to Korean barbecue meats and seafood soft tofu stew. Because it offers so many different kinds of dishes, large groups would enjoy exploring the menu and sharing several dishes with each other over a weekend dinner. If you are trying to find a particular Korean or Japanese dish like unaju (Japanese eel over rice) or bossam (Korean boiled pork), chances are that you'll be able to find it at Sura. 

With so many different options to choose from, Asian food of all kinds is very abundant in Providence. Stop by one of these many delicious restaurants the next time you're craving Asian food.