All that glitters might not be gold, but it still might be delicious. In recent months, the incorporation of real gold into a variety of unique dishes has exploded in popularity. The heightened trend is present all over the internet, especially since the aesthetic of these plates is almost as impressive as their price tags. These 10 gold foods take the meaning of extravagance to a whole new level as more and more chefs around the world demonstrate their astounding creativity. 

1. Donut: Brooklyn, NY

The golden donut, available at Manila Social Club in Williamsburg, is the true gold standard of the kitchen. The 24-karat gold encrusted cake is topped with Cristal champagne icing, which chef Bjorn DelaCruz infuses with 1/4 cup of the bubbly drink. If you decide to treat yourself, this is the way to do it. As for your wallet? This delicacy will cost you $100. 

2. Pizza: New York, NY

Getting tired of a classic $1 New York slice? Why not try a $2,000 golden pie from Industry Kitchen? This FiDi eatery serves an exquisite pie made with squid-ink dough, sprinkled with every luxurious topping there is: caviar, truffles, foie gras, and of course, 24-karat gold shavings. 

3. Chicken Wings: New York, NY

New York is home to the trendiest food in the world, and golden chicken wings are one of the reasons why. The Ainsworth in Manhattan partnered with Jonathan Cheban (aka Food God) to coat these extravagant wings in a gold butter mixture for 24 hours before serving them with a light dusting of gold flakes. They can cost hungry customers up to $1,000. 

4. Sushi: Las Vegas, NV

There's no better place to serve up a lavish $250 sushi roll than Las Vegas. This Sushi Roku dish is crafted with Wagyu beef, golden caviar, truffle oil, lobster tail, and a 24-karat gold leaf as a finishing touch. Luxury never tasted so good.

5. Ice Cream: New York, NY

Two of the most popular food trends of 2018, gold and matcha, team up at New York's Matcha N' More to create something simply magical. These shiny Instagramable cones come with a layer of edible gold foil that food bloggers can't get enough of. And there's no need to break the bank to see what all the hype is about; one gold cone is only $9.

6. Bacon: New York, NY

Bacon lovers rejoice! New York's bacon-bakery hybrid, Baconery, brings a whole new level of experimental into their kitchen. This opulent chocolate-covered bacon is coated in 23-karat gold pieces, and a pack of this unique snack sells for $39.00. 

7. Burger: Camberwell, Victoria, Australia

The massive size of Phat Stacks' latest house special isn't the only shocking thing about it. This Australian eatery's fried chicken/burger combo sits between two 24-karat gold buns. Feeling hungry? This tasty monstrosity retails for almost $90.

8. Frozen Hot Chocolate: New York, NY

Widely considered the world's most expensive dessert, Serendipity 3's Frrrozen Haute Chocolate retails at a jaw-dropping $25,000. Such an extravagant treat is served in a fine crystal goblet adorned with gold and white diamond edges. The hot chocolate itself is composed of 28 types of internationally imported chocolates, all which are consumed with a $14,000 gold spoon. 

9. Taco: Los Cabos, Mexico

The Mexican resort of Grand Velas transforms a simple street food and cultural staple into a meal fit for a king's wallet. For a steep price of $25,000, you can enjoy this gold-infused tortilla filled with Kobe beef and lobster. A single taco is then garnished with black truffle shavings, caviar, and gold flakes. 

10. Gelato: Orange County, CA

Tired of topping your gelato with sprinkles and fudge? Why not try gold? TAP Gelato located in Garden Grove puts a twist on a simple treat by offering edible gold sheets to grace your dessert. The best part? A glimmering cone is only 10 bucks.

Next time you find yourself craving a hint of luxury, look no further than the indulgent gold foods found in so many creative kitchens around the world.