If Chicago didn't already give you the chills, these 10 haunted restaurants are sure to send a shiver down your spine. As a lover of both food and Halloween, I set out on a quest to find the most haunted restaurants in Chicago to keep my stomach full and my heart racing.

The guests you will dine with include a man that hung himself in the Chicago fire, as well as a woman that fell 90 floors to her death. Up for the challenge? Check them out below.

1. The Signature Room

It may surprise many Chicagoans to find out that the beloved Signature Room is haunted. The restaurant of choice to celebrate special occasions is also the alleged home to a doorway for evil forces. The doorway is a result of the trapezoidal shape of the John Hancock building, as preached by Church of Satan creator Anton Szandor LaVey.

Three years after the centers completion a woman fell to her death from the 90th floor and several others are alleged to have fallen since then.

2. Red Lion Pub

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Valya Borisova

One of the more haunted restaurants in Chicago, the Red Lion Pub is claimed to be home to a multitude of characters. The most prominent of these figures is the ghost of a woman that resides in the second floor women's restroom. The last stall to be exact. 

If you happen to not be able to access the women's restroom, never fear! Other spirits that inhabit the building include a man in a cowboy hat, the ghost of a young girl that is accompanied by the scent of lavender, and a man that sometimes walks up the stairs.

3. NoMi at the Park Hyatt

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Valya Borisova

NoMi provides you with the perfect view of the haunted Water Tower, while remaining just out of reach of the ghost that haunts it.

Legend has it that during the great Chicago Fire of 1871 a lone worker stayed behind in the Water Tower instead of fleeing with the hoards that left town. As the fire closed around him, he chose to hang himself from the top of the tower rather than burn to death in the flames. NoMi supplies a grade A view of the top of the Water Tower, where some claim to see the ghost of the hanging man.

4. Adobo Grill

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Adobo Grill has a long history of paranormal happenings since 1872 when the Victorian building was erected. Staff and customers report hearing unusual noises, seeing shadowy figures, and feeling a cold touch.

In the 1980's a local medium held seances in the restaurant, and claims to have made contact with three spirits. During one of the seances, a reporter for the Chicago Sun Times became violently ill.

5. Drake Hotel - Palm Court

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Enjoy elegant afternoon tea at The Drake with the hotels oldest guest, the Lady in Red. The woman is said to have discovered her husbands infidelity on New Years Eve shortly after the hotel opened.

In a fit of rage, she threw herself from the 10th floor to her death. She now spends her time inhabiting the 10th floor, but perhaps she will join you for a cup of tea and a finger sandwich in the grand Palm Court.

6. Hooters

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Valya Borisova

In 1875, the bodies of naked women were found stuffed in barrels on the premise of where the Hooters on Wells Street now stands. Since the discovery of the barrels, which were ironically labeled "poultry," there has been over a century of strange whispering heard in the basement.

More recently, there have been reports of paranormal activity in the form of glass shards being shot up from the basement and voices heard.

7. Congress Plaza - Rafael Restaurant

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The Rafael Restaurant is a choice spot to eat with views of Grant Park... and spirits. The Congress Plaza Hotel is haunted by many individuals, and none of them seem to be very friendly. Among the alleged ghosts are H.H. Holmes (America's first serial killer), Al Capone, Peg Leg Johnny, and most notoriously: the spirit of a young boy who was killed by his mother.

8. Wrigley Field

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Wrigley Field, notoriously known for the Billy Goat Curse, is the only location on the list that holds a chance of losing its haunted status.

During game four of the 1945 World Series, the Cubs were facing the Detroit Tigers. William Sianis, an avid Cubs fan, bought two tickets to the game... one for him and one for his pet goat. When the goat was not allowed into the stadium, Sianis exclaimed, "The Cub's ain't gonna win no more!" Will the 2016 Cubs break the curse? Grab a Chicago Dog and go see!

9. River Roast

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In 1915 the SS Eastland capsized into the Chicago River between the Clark and LaSalle bridges. 844 people drowned to their deaths, more than in the Titanic disaster. 

To this very day, many claim to hear the screams and wails of the drowning on certain nights when standing on the edge of the river where the boat sank. Others claim to see the ghosts of the drowning. River Roast provides you with seats right on the river, so that you can enjoy a British/American meal while waiting for paranormal activity to unfold.

10. Riccardo Enoteca

On Valentine's Day 1929, seven men from North Irish Gang were murdered by Al Capone's accomplices. The murders would become known as the Valentine's Day Massacre. Animals have even been known to behave very strangely when passing Riccardo's

Grab you're friends (if you're feeling brave) and see for yourself if a ghost joins you for a treat. Happy Halloween!