Patiala may be known the world over for its rich history, traditional attire and Patiala Peg, but the city is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the north regions premier eating destination. With its cafes (CCD), new and upcoming restaurants (The Brew Estate), fast food chains (KFC), local markets (AC), Patiala is all set to become a big city with even bigger hearts.So rejuvenate your taste buds with Patiala’s toothsome, flavoursome, delicious cuisine. To truly enjoy this Royal City, here’s the lowdown on what you should eat, and where, let your taste buds go gaga over these 10 food delicacies to try in Patiala:

1)  There is no better way to start your day than a garma garam Paratha along with the special Formula Chai. Patiala’s version of “parantha walli galli” can be found the opposite to Rajendra Medical College.

2) Punjab meh bhature nhi khaya to kya hi kiya?! Cholle bhature at historic sherawalla gate are always a delight.

3) A huge glass of Kanwal lassi will provide tranquility to your senses. With myriad flavours to choose from, there is something for every taste bud. Mango, banana, strawberry, peach no one can have just one.

4) Patiala 22 No. Phatak, is the buzz spot of the town. What makes it more special is the ‘Bombay Pav Bhaji Walla’, The aroma of which will definitely mesmerise you and your growling stomach.

5) Everyone needs a pick-me-up sometimes, so here is you go-to-milkshake place: Cafe chocolate. Situated near YPS market, its The place to visit for shakes.

6) Tired of the same ol’ burgers at KFC and McDonald’s? Try Burger Point in Urban estate, ph-2.

7) We all have must have eaten dozens of Gol Gappes. But ever tried Chicken Gol Gappes? Sounds strange, no? Is it made of chicken water or chicken stuffing? Find out on your own in Tripuari.

8) Searching for some authentic punjabi Pizza? Well look no further than Patiala Pizza, outside Dunkin Donuts.

9) For some amazing rolls try Khansama, opposite Jaggi at 22 No. Pathak.

10) The best thing in the world: Chawla's boneless cream chicken with rumble roti, and believe me you will their rumali roti will put your handkerchief to shame.

So that's it, folks. Give these joints a try and let us know how'd you liked them!