I love coming to Disneyland for the magical feeling of being transported to another world, but when I leave, I often feel like my money has flown away to Neverland and is never coming back. Here are a few budget-friendly meals that are all under $10 (with the exception of one because it’s too magical to not include).

1. Banyan Beef Skewers at Bengal Barbecue ($4.49 each)


Photo courtesy of AJ on disneyfoodblog.com

These hot and spicy skewers are one of the hidden gems in Adventureland and pack a nice kick for those wanting a bit of heat in their meal. Bengal Barbecue also offers a wide variety of other skewers like the Bacon-wrapped Asparagus Safari Skewer and the Chieftain Chicken Skewer.

2. Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs at the Little Red Wagon ($7.99)


Photo courtesy of Bryan R. on yelp.com

Corn dogs are pretty typical, but Disneyland does corndogs like no other. These massive corndogs have a generous coating of batter and provide a nice crunch to complement the juicy hot dog.

3. Mars-inara with Meatballs at Redd Rocket’s Pizza Port ($9.99)


Photo courtesy of disneylandeats.com

Spaghetti is a crowd-favorite (like this spaghetti you can make in the microwave), and this giant portion of marinara and meatballs comes in right under $10.

#SpoonTip: Sharing is caring and this entree is definitely enough to split with a friend.

4. Picnic Salad at Hungry Bear Restaurant ($9.99)


Photo courtesy of debdreamsofdis of disboards.com

For those looking for something fresh, the Picnic Salad at Hungry Bear will hit the spot. This beautiful salad is topped with smoked turkey breast, feta cheese, cranberries, roasted almonds, strawberries, jicama and drizzled with a sweet and creamy strawberry vinaigrette.

5. New Orleans Gumbo Bowl at Cafe Orleans ($10)


Photo courtesy of Renne Valderama on reneeexplores.wordpress.com

Get a taste of the vibrant New Orleans (or go there and try all their delicious food yourself) with Cafe Orleans’ delicious gumbo bowl. You’ll find a combination of chicken, Andouille sausage and Tasso ham in this hearty soup that’s sure to warm your soul.

6. Caprese on Focaccia Bread at Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe ($9.29)


Photo Courtesy of Harsh Light

Nestled between two crunchy pieces of focaccia bread rests a generous portion of fresh mozzarella, sliced yellow tomatoes, basil, and lettuce. This delicious sandwich is seasoned with a creamy aioli dressing and basil vinaigrette and balsamic glaze. Yum.

7. Chopper Salad at Galatic Grill ($9.99)


Photo Courtesy of M D. on yelp.com

Dive into the galactic world and try this salad topped with chopped grilled chicken breast, feta, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and red peppers. It’s complimented with a red pepper ranch dressing on the side to give it that little kick to send you to another world.

8. Bratwurst Sausage at Troubadour Tavern ($8.19)


Photo courtesy of Disneyland Today

For all you meat lovers, this bratwurst sausage is sure to give you a run for your money. The sausage is topped with hickory-smoked bacon sauerkraut and encased in a garlic and herb brioche bun.

9. BLT Flatbread Pizza at Village Haus Restaurant ($9.49)


Photo courtesy of AJ on disneyfoodblog.com

You can’t escape pizza, especially at a place like Disneyland, but this BLT flatbread pizza is a bit more magical than your normal cheese or pepperoni. This thin flatbread crust pizza is covered with cherrywood smoked bacon, mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions, marinated tomatoes and topped with a touch of arugula and shaved fennel.

10. Jumbo Turkey Leg at the Turkey Leg cart ($10.49)


Photo courtesy of Tom Bricker on disneytouristblog.com

I had to cheat a bit on this last one and go over $10, because how could I not include the famous jumbo turkey leg? For those who haven’t seen this masterpiece in person, it’s absolutely ginormous and you must try the juicy turkey leg at least once.