As college students, we are often looking to save money whenever possible, but as foodies, we don't want to sacrifice the quality of our food. I know that this is a huge dilemma that I constantly face. So, to help you get the most bang for your buck, I have composed this list of 10 deals everyone in St. Louis needs to know about. 

1. Sushi Ai

Sushi fanatic? Then this Sushi Ai deal is perfect for you. For $13 at lunch, $20 at dinner, and buy one get one half off on Sundays, you can order as many delicious appetizers and as much sushi as you can eat. Whether you're into specialty rolls or the classics, you'll leave full and happy and so will your wallet. 

2. Hodak's Fried Chicken

Often dubbed the best fried chicken in St. Louis, you'd be silly not to try Hodak's mouthwateringly tasty meals. Whether you like chicken strips, fried chicken, or country fried steak, Hodak's has meal deals for you. For $8.85, you can get a chicken strip meal with coleslaw and fries; for $7.60, you can get a chicken fried steak dinner with mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and a vegetable; and for $8.95 you can get half of a golden fried chicken with fries and coleslaw. You can't beat the price to quality ratio of this place, and it's a must visit while you're in St. Louis. 

3. Crown Candy

Crown Candy is a Saint Louis classic for everything from their candy shop to their famous malts to their savory sandwiches and their World Fair Sundaes. From a BLT with over half a pound of bacon (for $10), to a grilled cheese (for $4.60), to tamales (for $2.50), there's options to please everyone. Even more exciting than their meals, however, are their desserts. You can get sundaes and giant malts starting at $5, and if you're up for a challenge and you can drink 5 malts in 30 minutes, you get them all for free. This delicious comfort food is sure to soothe your stresses and quell the worries of your wallet.

4. Pretzel Boy's

These soft pretzels are a dough lover's dream and Pretzel Boy's prices will definitely leave you delighted. If you just want a snack, the 16 pretzel nuggets for $3.29 is a great option, and if you're having a party, the 100 pretzel nuggets for $16.99 is a deal that just can't be beat. The pretzel wrapped brats (cheddar or regular), pups (pretzel wrapped hotdogs), cajun chicken, or salsiccia (all for $3.49 per piece) make a delicious, quick meal that's different than typical fast food options. 

5. Bottomless coffee at Rise Coffee 

The bottomless coffee option at Rise Coffee is perfect for when you have a long paper to write or need to spend a whole day studying for an exam. The atmosphere at Rise is perfect for study sessions, the food is beyond delicious, and their bottomless coffee will make sure you have something tasty and warm to sip on all day long. For a total of $7.75 (including tax), you can get as many cups of coffee as you can drink while you're there. Your wallet will thank you, and so will your tastebuds.

6. Mission Taco 

Mission Taco, with locations on the Delmar Loop, in the Central West End, and in Historic Soulard, is a St. Louis staple, but it can sometimes get a little pricey. Their happy hour, however, turns a night at Mission Taco into quite the steal. Every night, from 10 p.m. to close, patrons can get tacos and, for those who are 21, tequila shots for $2 each. For an unforgettable burst of flavor to go along with the unforgettable prices, make sure to try the BBQ Duck taco or the Mango-Hop-Anero Shrimp taco. 

7. John's Doughnuts

John's doughnuts is a college student classic, and arriving when John's opens at 11 p.m. is a right of passage for Wash U students. The doughnuts are sweet, fried pieces of heaven, and I bet you won't be leaving with just one. For only a dollar, you can get a doughnut ranging from a classic glazed to a delectable apple fitter.

8. Katie's Pizza and Pasta 

If you're looking for a classy happy hour that won't break the bank, Katie's Pizza and Pasta is for you. When I initially glanced over the menu, I was impressed with the almost half and half split between vegetarian options and options with meat, ensuring everyone can find a dish they're satisfied with. From Sunday-Friday, 3-6 pm, you can snag special pricing on a few small plates, 5 unique pizzas for under $10, $2 off draft beers, and $4 glasses of wine.

9. Guerrilla Street Food

After trying Guerrilla for the first time last semester, it quickly became one of my favorites. The food is high quality and fresh, and the flavors are bold, masterfully cultivated, and unlike anything I've found elsewhere in St. Louis. Whether you're getting a savory empanada, garlic peanuts, or other appetizers that start at $2, a side of garlic fried rice or rice tots for $3, or a bowl or burrito starting at $7, you're sure to leave satisfied and ready to plan your next visit.

10. Sauce on the Side 

Sauce on the Side's calzones are life changingly delicious. Stuffed with quality ingredients and paired with unique, complimentary sauces, you won't be disappointed with any one you choose. Starting at $9.50, these huge calzones are guaranteed to fill you up, and if you are within range (Washington University is), you get free delivery. The free delivery will save you a chunk of change, and the cheesy goodness inside the calzone is sure to leave you smiling. 

Hopefully this list of irresistible deals for price savvy connoisseurs has something for everyone, and you can start getting the most out of your money. Eat deliciously and budget wisely my fabulous foodie friends.