Denver is growing exponentially: Every day I see more high-rises and apartment complexes, more hip, active 20-year-olds and more out-of-state drivers unable to manuever the roads of Denver. But most of all, Denver's food scene is flourishing like I've never seen it before.

I set out to find the best vegetarian eats in the 303. I've narrowed it down to 10 dives: from juice bars to bakeries to the best indian I've ever had; all laid-back and birkenstock-friendly, of course.

1) True Foods

foie gras, fish, meat, cheese, vegetable, dairy product
Isabel Burton

True Foods hits all the bases: they use organic, locally-sourced, high quality foods with a rotating seasonal menu. The customer service and overall vibe cannot be beat.

They're best known for their signature green drinks and assortment of vegan and gluten-free dessert options. I can always taste the extra effort and passion they put into their food.

2) Root Down

Located in the highlands of Denver, Root Down is the definition of farm-to-table cuisine. They have their own seasonal, on-site garden for added freshness. Their sister restaurants, including Linger and Vital Root, are worth the stop as well.

3) City O' City

pizza, salad
Isabel Burton

This funky, Capital Hill joint is known for its hip atmosphere, a variety of vegan/vegetarian options, and killer desserts. From fresh-brewed coffee, to day-made pastries and late-night cocktails, the options are overwhelming (in a good way).

4) Little India

Little India is small and quaint, but brimming with good, authentic indian food, at a reasonable price. It's been voted the best indian restaurant for 16 consecutive years— and for good reason!

5) WaterCourse Foods

Calling all vegans! WaterCourse takes vegan comfort food to another level. They're all about simple, accessible food that tastes great and isn't harmful to the environment. It's a casual dive with a friendly, community-driven atmosphere.

6) The Corner Beet

Naturally, I'm drawn to any restaurant with the word "beet" in it. The Corner Beet specializes in cold-pressed juices, as well as a variety of toasts that feature house-made beet-butter and pestos. 

7) Denver Central Market

Isabel Burton

Denver Central Market is more than a restaurant— it's an experience. This market consists of about 10 different food vendors, from coffee, ice-cream, and chocolate to fire-side oven pizzas and a salad bar. It caters to my sweet side, my savory side, and my indecisiveness. 

8) Biju's Little Curry Shop

Camoflauged in the residential streets of LoDo Denver, Biju's Little Curry Shop is the perfect, casual lunch spot. I like to think of it as an indian-style Chipotle. I can customize my own bowl, and it comes loaded with garlic-y sauces and a side of warm, doughy naan.

9) Modern Market

Also a great lunch joint, Mod Market emphasizes "nourishing the mind and body" with "scratch-made," simple ingredients. They have salads out the wazoo, as well as brick oven pizzas, soups and scrambles. 

10) Beet Box

Although I typically lean towards the savory side at breakfast, my sweet tooth cannot be contained at Beet Box. There's a glass display case filled with croissants, cinnamon rolls, brownies, and donuts (all vegan) that truly cannot be beet.

A true Coloradan thrives on quality food and a fun, casual atmosphere. I'm lucky to live in a place with fresh, laid-back (and vegetarian) eats!