Let's face it, not all of us are fortunate enough to have that special someone to share the most sappiest day of the year with. The flowers, the hearts, the chocolate, the gifts are all just an act put on by couples to prove to society that their love for one another is better (and more expensive) than anyone else's. The reality of Valentine's Day is anything but what it's expectations claim it to be.

For us realists, the 14th of February simply becomes another day of the year in which singles are forced to go into hibernation, eating away their feelings and avoiding the over abundant displays of public affection.

To those who are choosing to be in a relationship with their couch this cuffing season, there are ways to avoid human confrontation when deciding your dinner plans. For an easy order in/take out, these local places will be sure to fill not only your food cravings but that empty void inside yourself as well.

1. Ixtapa

Valentine's Day lands on a Tuesday this year, so what better way to celebrate than Taco Tuesday? Top that off with one of Ixtapa's jumbo margarita and I promise being single will be the least of your worries.

2. Tonino's

True love does not discriminate based on shape, size or pizza topping. Tonino's Pizzeria is a judge free zone that continuously brings happiness to your door in the form of a cardboard box. It's no New York/Jersey pizza, but if you're looking for something close, I highly recommend their buffalo chicken pizza.

3. Eli's on Whitney

Sometime's a table for one is really all you need. Eli's truly has the best assortment of comfort food for this Single Awareness Day. For a meal that'll warm your cold and lonely heart, their macaroni and cheese or mashed potato pizza is sure to do the trick. 

4. Wentworth's Ice Cream

For the sweet tooth that's in need of a tub of ice cream to cure their sorrows, Wentworth's is a necessity. The only utensils needed is a spoon for this dish and, if you're eating out of a tub, who's really to tell how much is enough?

5. Ray and Mikes Deli

You could never truly be alone when you're stuffed between two slices of bread, your choice of meat and an excess amount of toppings. Stock up on some award winning sandwiches to make up for some award winning loneliness.

6. Freskos

For this big, fat, lonely Valentine's Day, why not go Greek? Freskos authentic Greek food is sure to put you in a happy place even if your chilly dorm doesn't exactly resemble the climate of Santorini. Don't forget a side of Windex.

7. Aunt Chiladas

Not your typical Mexican/Tex-Mex restaurant, Aunchies provides an assortment of alternative options including their variety of specialty drinks. Known for being a 21+ bar for Quinnipiac seniors, Aunt Chiladas also serves as a grub spot for the typical student looking a good meal.

8. The Salad Palace

For the people that hate themselves just a little extra, there are ways to stay healthy on this chocolate filled holiday. Although salad isn't their only specialty, The Salad Palace has a variety of mixed greens to please even the pickiest of eaters.

9. Donut Crazy

Just like you donut want to be alone this Valentine's Day, these fluffy treats donut want to go uneaten. This is the one day of the year no one will judge you for eating a little more than you're supposed to, so why not pig out on this holey opportunity?

10. Dominos

Last, but not least, who could forget this greasy dish? No it is not the healthiest option, but it sure has a way curing any broken heart. Open until 2:00 AM, Dominos will always be there to take you home.

Treat yourself for a change and pick up a meal from one of these tasty restaurants this holiday. You are a strong, independent individual who most certainly does not need any person to ensure themselves a HAPPY Valentine's Day. (Food certainly does help though).