As a college student, you often find yourself craving late-night food more than you'd probably like to admit. Say no to those less-than-appetizing dining hall chicken tenders and Postmates some real good midnight bites from these UCLA-adjacent places.

1. Emporium Thai

This Thai food is guaranteed to fulfill your cravings while you pull that all-nighter. It has a $2.99 delivery fee, and it is totally worth it. The drunken noodles or Southern curry will definitely make date-night with your homework extra special. Thai Emporium even has a dish just for UCLA students that was made for midnight munchies. 

2. Fat Sal's

This place has all the goods, from fried stuff like pickles or mac and cheese bites to plenty of meat. Fat Sal's even has fatty fries and sugary shakes to complement their sandwiches. This crazy sandwich stand might sound overwhelming at first, but so are exams. Personally, I think the only solution to the stress of exams is treating yourself to some overwhelmingly delicious sandwiches. 

3. Tacos Tu Madre

Taco Tu Madre's burritos are so popular that there is always a line outside of their infamous walk-up window. As college students, we simply do not have the time to wait in line. Even the Rendezvous West line on the Hill can be quite the wait, so the best solution is to skip the line, Postmates these "belly-bomb, jam-packed" burritos, and have extra time to ace that test. 

4. Maharaja

Sometimes good Indian food, like Maharaja's chicken tikka masala and paneer with garlic butter naan, can really hit the spot the night before an exam. College campuses don't usually have any late-night Indian food, but this restaurant can deliver a selection of tandoori and curries right to your dorm and the spices will surely keep you awake as you study for exams. 

5. Tomodachi Sushi 

Some nights, all you want are some fresh sushi rolls but you just don't have the time or money for an Uber and fancy service (let's not even mention outrageous sushi prices). Tomodachi sushi can deliver fresh sushi rolls to your dorm without taking away study time. And all of that for a one-dollar delivery fee! This sushi is cheaper than other sushi places near UCLA, and they even offer student discounts.

6. Enzo's

Don't opt for Pizza Hut, Dominos, or even De Neve Late Night pizza when you can have Enzo's pizza for a mere one dollar delivery fee. The pizzas at Enzo's are cheaper than other pizza places in LA and the student-loved spot is open 'til midnight serving quality pies. As one Yelp reviewer said, "if you're looking for authentic cheesy goodness, then you have found it at Enzo's, my friend".

7. Northern Cafe

At some point, everybody wants Chinese takeout, and this is the best place to get it. You can get anything from dumplings to noodles to satisfy your cravings, and the best part is it's far better than Rendezvous East. 

8. The Bigg Chill

You can never go wrong with some fro-yo and cookie dough and The Bigg Chill will not let you down (even if you're vegan). The fro-yo flavors go so well with their cookie dough that you will definitely be Postmating The Bigg Chill a second time as a celebratory treat after your exams.

9. B Sweet

Just watch the video and you'll know what you'll be Postmating tonight. Thank me later.

10. Diddy Riese 

I can't forget about Diddy Riese, a UCLA staple. I'm always craving Diddy Riese and the cookies on campus just ain't up to Diddy Reise caliber. These desserts are perfect for giving you the much-needed sugar rush to get through the final stretch of studying.

Next time you have the midnight munchies, grab your phone and Postmates one or more of these options to satisfy your cravings. You don't have to waste your money on bad food anymore.