There are always options when it comes to ice cream in the small state of Connecticut. There are many creameries and even farms that specialize in making this popular dessert in many flavors and that include many toppings. But what about frozen yogurt, the just as sweet and creamy alternative?

Here are 10 of the best frozen yogurt shops in Connecticut:

Red Mango (Fairfield)

Red Mango offers so much. From protein filled smoothies to acaí bowls. But the true star is the all-natural, award-winning frozen yogurt.

Peachwave (Norwalk)

Something interesting about Peachwave is that it claims to be one of the first brands to introduce "self-serving." So they are the one's that I have to thank for allowing me to make my own froyo masterpieces.

Zack's Frozen Yogurt (Stratford)

Zack's Frozen Yogurt motto is "Often imitated- Never duplicated." I think that is impressive to say when they have been open for more than 26 years.

Sweet Frog (Westport)

The family-friendly Sweet Frog offers a variety of sweet flavors, and has two even sweeter frog mascots: Scoop and Cookie.

Louise's Top This Frozen Yogurt (Westport)

Louise's Top This Frozen Yogurt has four steps: Swirl It, Mix It, Weigh It, and Enjoy It. And it's that simple.

Froyoworld (Milford)

Froyoworld is the #1 frozen yogurt in New England and Puerto Rico. That alone is the reason to try them.

Pinkberry (Fairfield)

Pinkberry is quality at its finest; their yogurt is made from real milk, real yogurt and their fruit is hand-cut fresh daily. 

16 Handles (Fairfield)

16 Handles says and even encourages guest to "Flaunt your Flavor," and trust me when I saw they are worth flaunting.

Berry Chill (Shelton)

Berry Chill Frozen Treats slogan is "Happiness in Every Cup"and who doesn't want to be happy?

Rosie's Frozen Yogurt (Cos Gob)

Rosie's Frozen Yogurt is a family-owned shop that supports their community in providing healthy and nutritious sweet treats.

Connecticut is small, but does pack a lot within in its borders, especially in Fairfield County. Therefore, if you find yourself here and debating on whether to get frozen yogurt or ice cream, I hope this list makes that decision a lot easier for you.