Amsterdam is known for their weed, prostitution, and bikes, but their food is something you definitely need to try! Here are some delicious hotspots to satisfy your munchies after hitting up the coffeeshops.    

1. Metropolitain (Café de Paris)

arugula, spinach, egg
Lydia Belden

Located right in the city center, you'll find my favorite brunch spot. Where they definitely give you an abundance of avocados on your toast! To make your brunch more boozy order a bloody mary before noon for five euros. 

2. Bakers & Roasters

toast, cheese
Lydia Belden

B&R mastered poached eggs and yolk game. Beneaddicted to this place since day one!  

3. The Breakfast Club

pancake, syrup, waffle, crepe, chocolate, cream, strawberry
Lydia Belden

Definitely won't forget about this brunch spot; their pancakes are to die for. This spot is located right across from De Foodhallen (#5)!

4. Back to Black Café

coffee, cappuccino, milk, espresso, cream
Lydia Belden

Before or after your long day of sightseeing go to this café and you might spot the cat while you sip your coffee!

5. Foodhallen

sushi, rice, nori, seafood, fish, salmon
Lydia Belden

Think of this food hall as a foodie heaven! From Maki rolls to a Gin & Tonic Bar, Foodhallen fulfills all your food desires.

6. SLA

chicken, rice, curry, shrimp
Lydia Belden

SLA is the equivalent to Chipotle, but in salad form! 

7. Dr. Blend

Lydia Belden

Smoothies, 1 euro coffee, and food I'll take it. The people who work here are the nicest people and serve quality smoothies! 

8. Toki

cake, chocolate
Lydia Belden

Enjoy their chocolate cake that is to die for in the Jordaan neighborhood.

9. Sotto Pizza

pizza, mozzarella, cheese
Lydia Belden

Amsterdam has its pizza places down, go here for lunch or dinner after visiting Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum.

10. HappyHappyJoyJoy

Lydia Belden

Who doesn't enjoy endless amounts of Asian cuisine in tapas style? HappyHappyJoyJoy offers a zen atmosphere with classic Asian fusion foods and a killer wine selection. 

Next time you are in Amsterdam, be sure to check out these places if you are looking for some top notch food. The city is amazing, but we all know what makes a city truly spectacular is the food, and Amsterdam definitely has that!