Yup, you read correctly – UNH is launching a new Craft Beer Program, and it’s going to include a minor in the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture (COLSA).

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The program is being created in response to New Hampshire’s growing needs in the industry. Craft brewing is nothing new for the majority of us – the process allows for more experimenting with flavors and brewing time and creates an overall better quality product. Something I definitely prefer to the watery dregs of a Bud light.


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However, despite their popularity now, no more than thirty years ago, craft beers were only being produced by about five American brewers. In New Hampshire, from 2012-2013, that number was around fifteen or sixteen. Today, the amount of Craft breweries throughout the state comes in at forty – and it’s not stopping there.

Not only is this great for all you beer lovers, but it’s also a possible career opportunity for anyone interested in pursuing a fun and creative field. UNH’s program will include analytical testing labs and a professional development certificate program on top of the minor. So no, you won’t be playing beer pong all day. Doesn’t mean it can’t still be worth your while.

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The program, expected to open in 2017, will also offer a pilot brewing system to offer students hands-on experience and training.

And, get ready for it… in order to kick off the program, the university is offering a five-day course, “Craft Brewery Startup Workshop: The Business of Beer”. It’s non-credit, meant simply to offer a quick glimpse into the program and teach students the first steps in actually starting a craft brewery.

I’m not promising you’ll get a seat in the course, ’cause i’m sure everyone is killing to get into it. But, the course itself seems like a great way to fulfill a creative interest while learning a career skill.

This is a huge win for college students. Sure, the program was created to keep up with a growing industry. But, the business world is starting to recognize endeavors besides just accounting or marketing. And while all of this is still a big part of a project like, you know, running your own company, it’s cool to get a POV on the more creative aspect of a business.

Information on registration will be offered after March 30th. Get out there and brew, Wildcats.