This week, the folks at Chipotle HQ announced that they would be raising their prices for steak and barbacoa. There’s a lot of numbers and stocks involved, but lets not kid ourselves-we don’t really care about that. What we want to know is why our beloved Chipotle would betray us and raise their prices about $0.50 a serving.


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Turns out, this all comes back to the carnitas fiasco the company suffered a few months ago. For those of you not in the know, Chipotle found out that their carnitas provider was supplying their restaurants with pork that didn’t meet Chipotle’s standards.

Chipotle pride themselves on bringing us fresh ingredients because they believe there is a strong connection between how meat is raised and how it tastes. They decided to ditch their carnitas for awhile until they could find a new supplier, which hurt their stocks a little bit.


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So what does this mean for us? Both meats may be going up anywhere between $0.30 and $0.50, but it’s not only to cover the money Chipotle lost on carnitas. In order for them to ensure nothing like this issue happens again, they’re upgrading the quality of the beef ensuring it is and stays antibiotic free.

This is just another example of Chipotle doing what they believe is right for their customers, instead of just looking to make a profit, and another reason why they will always be our favorite. So while it may suck to pay a little extra for steak, we can’t really complain because we’re all used to paying extra for guac anyway.


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