In the wake of sinking sales and rising controversy, Chipotle Mexican Grill is trying everything to salvage its public image. With national attention focusing on the chain after its E. Coli outbreak and subsequent federal subpoena, Chipotle is now cranking out a slew of advertisements in an effort to save face and regain customer goodwill. Chipotle’s advertising ranges from sentimental to funny, but nothing has been as inventive as their little-known, short-lived webseries, “Farmed and Dangerous.”

The show, a four-part series created in 2014, offered a satirical look at taking down a giant food corporation. Chipotle’s unconventional advertising was part of an effort to make consumers more conscious of where their food comes from.

Though the show built up a dedicated, albeit small, following, the good press generated by the series has not been enough to counter the onslaught of negative attention that’s currently pouring down on the brand.

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Photo by Marissa Arnett

Though national news coverage about Chipotle has been overwhelmingly negative, the bad press hasn’t stopped students from hopping in the massive line at Chipotle’s new location in the EMU here at the University of Oregon. Either Farmed and Dangerous did a great job of convincing UO students that Chipotle’s food is safe, or people have just decided that some things (carnitas ‘n guac) are worth the risk.