No matter what you call it – the curse of eve, shark week, or the red wedding – talking about your period is normally considered impolite. However, when you take into account half of the world’s population will have a period, it’s crazy that something so natural is seen as dirty.

This week, women took to Twitter to fight against the shame often attributed towards period talk. With the tag, #TweetYourPeriod, women are documenting the true struggles of their “monthly present.”

period shaming

Photo courtesy of @MrsElleKate on Twitter

Look at any period commercial and you will see blue water flowing effortlessly onto a thick cotton pad, and women dancing in skirts without a care in the world. Well, in case you weren’t aware, that’s not how periods work.

The stigma surrounding period talk makes it hard for women to discuss problems they run into, and can make it hard for women who suffer from endometriosis to get properly diagnosed.

period shaming

Photo courtesy of @RisaPappas on Twitter

Guys get to discuss getting random erections, so why can’t women discuss their periods when both are perfectly natural? Sure periods aren’t cute, but they happen, and the sooner we get used to period talk, the better.