We appreciate the importance of learning to cook a good meal in college, we really do, but we also know there are those days and weeks where takeout is just about all you can handle. But because frequent delivery can swallow your month’s allowance faster than you can say pizza, we’ve teamed up with GrubHub to bring you free grub, so that moolah can be spent elsewhere (More coffee! Stickers for your computer! Toothpaste! A plant!).

We’re giving away one entire year of free delivery from GrubHub (you read that right), 1 $500 credit, 5 $100 credits and an additional 10 lucky folks will get $25 gift cards to binge on late-night buffalo wings and pretend like it didn’t happen. That adds up to 17 total GrubHub winners, so if you do the math (hey math majors) your chances of winning are, like, pretty decent! Worst case, everyone that enters will get a discount code to GrubHub, so in the end, you’re all winnas.

The giveaway ends on August 29th, so be sure to rack up as many entries as you can before that.

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