Are you the sort of person who survives college via Hot Pockets and intense-goes-until-4 am-games of Magic: The Gathering? Well, now you have a chance to win 30 years of free Hot Pockets while celebrating MTG. You just need to secure 5 MTG-themed Hot Pocket boxes by June 14th, and I’ve got all the information you’ll need to make this dream a reality.

Why are Hot Pockets and Magic: The Gathering collaborating?

After 30 years of dominating the world of card games, MTG has partnered with Hot Pockets to reward the dedication of their fans through a scavenger hunt-type sweepstakes. Given the fabulous pairing of Hot Pockets and MTG game nights, this is a deal worthy of all your available energy (even if that means infringing on time you usually dedicate to frolicking in rural meadows). But beware, this is not a challenge for the faint of heart. You’re racing against me, and I get serious when it comes to free Hot Pockets.

How to enter the Hot Pockets giveaway

From today until June 14th, anyone who finds all five boxes can submit pictures as proof of their collection to enter the giveaway. You have to collect all five of the brand’s limited Magic: The Gathering boxes, and you’ll need photos of your purchased white box (Hot Pockets Italian Style Meatballs & Mozzarella), blue box (Hot Pockets Philly Steak & Cheese), red box (Hot Pockets Premium Pepperoni Pizza), green box (Hot Pockets Hickory Ham & Cheddar), and black box (Hot Pockets Four Cheese Pizza of the Veil) to be eligible for the giveaway.

Where to purchase the Magic: The Gathering Hot Pockets

The black box — Hot Pockets Four Cheese Pizza of the Veil — is only available at participating Walmart locations. However, you can locate the other four at any grocery store that regularly sells Hot Pockets (that is if I haven’t already sold them out).

What can you win in the Hot Pockets giveaway?

I hope this is obvious, but your future is at stake. Think about how much better your finances would look if you didn’t have to buy Hot Pockets for 30 years. I, for one, would finally be able to follow my dreams of becoming a mime (the mime life ain’t cheap). Think of the possibilities!