If you’re a Game of Thrones fanatic like me you not only binge watch every season, but you also love anything remotely related to the show. And now, ClickHole may have created the best GoT knock off video of all time by reimagining the show’s opening sequence as a man eating a bowl of tomato soup.

Check out the new opening below:

Pure genius. The editing is perfect, with the man’s movement’s paralleling those of the Braavos’ warrior statue, and the sound of the oven burners’ flames in sync with the flames of the GoT logo. The camera captures every angle of the man’s soup eating experience, and even explores the kitchen. Plus, I’ve got to give ClickHole a hand for a custom logo. Never before has tomato soup been so exciting, dramatic, and breathtaking.

Now back to binge-watching.

Game of Thrones

GIF courtesy of mtv.com