Starting October 14 (so… earlier this week), Whole Foods is willing to trade one small cup of oatmeal for one quarter until October 27. Breakfast = check.

Now you can honestly tell your doctor that you’ve been participating in the most important meal of the day without murdering your bank account or your health. The only catch? You must grab your oats before 10 am. (But who says you can’t grab them at 9:58?)

whole foods

Photo by Hannah Cather

If you miss out on that deal, keep saving your quarters because Whole Foods will be offering one 12-oz. Allegro coffee or tea for 25 cents from October 28 until November 3. This is a #throwbackthursday because they extended the same offer last month. And apparently, it did pretty well.

Now, I know the college student population as a whole tends to be, well… broke. But come on, this is spare change. Dump your wallet upside down, shake it for a second, and I bet at least one quarter will fall out (plus an old gum wrapper & maybe a paperclip).

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With sweater weather rapidly approaching, the warmth of a bowl of oatmeal or a cup of coffee sounds pretty fantastic. It’ll be worth every penny… all twenty five of them.

whole foods

Photo by Bailey Culpepper

Scout out your neighborhood Whole Foods so you can get it while it’s hot (the oatmeal, the coffee, and the savings).