Sandwiches are undoubtedly the universal food. They can be eaten anytime of the day with a variety of fillings and endless bread choices. To be honest, anything slapped between two slices of bread is considered a sandwich to me. This Friday, November 3, you can celebrate your love for sandwiches, as it’s National Sandwich Day!

Restaurants everywhere are cooking up some mouth watering deals for the holiday, and as a sandwich enthusiast, I’m having trouble picking a single place to indulge in.

Jimmy John’s

If you’re a member of Jimmy John’s Freaky Fast Rewards Program, you can get $1 off any mobile purchase on National Sandwich Day.

Jersey Mike’s

Jersey Mike’s is offering free deliveries for all orders placed through its app. That means you can enjoy a sub from the comfort of your own home this National Sandwich Day. Don’t mind if I do!

Pizza Hut

Like I said, if it’s between two pieces of bread, it’s a sandwich. That’s why Pizza Hut’s new Pizza Hut Melts are on this list, made of two slices of Thin N’ Crispy Crust, melted cheese, and toppings. Customers can order two melts for $7, as part of their new $7 Deal Lover’s menu.


Arguably the most popular sandwich chain, Subway is dishing up a sort of different deal. It announced a loyalty match program, where Subway MVP Rewards members can upload a photo of their loyalty points from qualifying restaurants, such as Jersey Mike’s, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Chick-Fil-A, Quizno’s, Burger King, Which Wich, Lenny’s, and Potbelly.

This deal is only available for members who created their account on or after November 1, so get on it! MVP Rewards members can visit between 9 a.m. on November 3 and 9 a.m. on November 4 to match their points. Subway plans to match up to 25 million points. Be right back, I’m matching my hundreds of McDonald’s app points.


If you’re a Grubhub+ member, it’s your lucky day (and week). Members can participate in these deals between November 2 and 8:

●Buffalo Wild Wings: Get 50% off a sandwich with orders of $25+ (I didn’t even know BWW sold sandwiches!)

●Wendy’s: Get a free Baconator with orders of $20+

●Arby’s: Get 20% off orders of $20+

●Jack in the Box: Get $5 off orders of $22+

●Wawa: When you buy one hoagie or sandwich, you'll get another free with orders of $15+

●Jersey Mike’s: Get 50% off turkey and provolone sandwiches with orders of $20+ (This is the elite sandwich combo.)

The options for celebrating National Sandwich Day are endless, so the choice is yours! Just don’t forget the side of fries.