Your wishes have been granted. Whataburger’s “liquid gold,” commonly known as honey butter (as made famous by the honey butter chicken biscuit), is now for sale at H-E-B and Central Market stores across Texas.

This bold move by Whataburger has many HBCB fans counting their blessings. Having an easy squeeze bottle or two of Whataburger’s sweet, sweet nectar on hand will likely revolutionize the diets of poor college students across Texas.


Photo by Katie Walsh

So you ran to H-E-B and coughed up the $3, now what? Try drizzling it on some toast.


Photo by Katie Walsh

Or topping some fresh fruit with a squeeze.


Photo by Katie Walsh

Or if you’re feeling ambitious, make your own fried chicken and douse it in some honey butter.


Photo by Katie Walsh

Stay tuned for more creative ways to use honey butter.

The honey butter is making its debut alongside a one-pound roll of Whataburger’s signature pork sausage (significantly less exciting). Both products are in stores now, adding to Whataburger’s line of grocery store products including fancy and spicy ketchup as well as the original mustard.

The 16-ounce bottle can be found in the refrigerated aisle that houses butter and other dairy products.

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