Now that Halloween is over, it’s officially the real holiday season with Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and more just around the corner.

The weather’s getting crisp, and we’re more than ready to turn in our cold brew iced coffees for steaming hot lattes in signature red cups, and as usual Starbucks has us covered with some of our old holiday favorites: the crème brûlée latté, chestnut praline latté and peppermint latté.

Starbucks Holiday

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But this year, Starbucks is creating a mash up we’re a little on the fence about. They hopped on the trendy flat whites bandwagon earlier this year, and thus have logically created the newest trendy holiday drink: The Starbucks holiday spice flat white.

Starbucks Holiday

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Why are we on the fence? The flat white, though hugely successful, is kind of a sham at Starbucks.

Traditionally this Australian espresso drink is essentially the latté’s hip cousin who trades in foam for steamed milk, but really the Starbucks version is pretty much just a latté with a dot of foam in the middle. It lacks the deeper espresso flavor, which is why the flat white is so popular.

So, though we’re super psyched to taste the holiday spice because we’re imagining that it’s pumpkin spice’s super festive cousin (#basic), we’re just not sure if we can get behind the flat white part of it.

Unfortunately, little is known about how it will taste, but we probably won’t hold our breaths until it’s released on November 30th.