Pineapples are the pinnacle of tropical fruit. They are packed with vitamin C, manganese, and enzymes that help with digestion. But an average-sized pineapple is pretty big. A single fruit weighs between two to four pounds — more than enough for one and can be a chore to finish without the fruit spoiling.

That’s where the Precious HoneyGlow pineapple comes in. Produce distributor Fresh Del Monte announced in March its collaboration with Melissa’s Produce to release a variety of mini pineapples.

What is Precious HoneyGlow pineapple?

Photo via Del Monte

Precious HoneyGlow is a “personal-sized” pineapple fit for one person. It’s half the size of a regular pineapple, weighing less than two pounds. This isn’t Del Monte’s first rodeo with mini fruit experiments. The company released its “mini honeyglow” in 2022, which is similar to the Precious HoneyGlow, but was only available in 13 states.

Melissa’s Produce will distribute mini pineapples across 49 states (excluding Hawaii - shipping pineapples to Hawaii is prohibited, according to Melissa’s Produce website).

What does Precious HoneyGlow pineapple taste like?

According to Del Monte, Precious HoneyGlow pineapples are sweeter than the traditional ones. They grow on specialty farms in Costa Rica and take an extra two days to ripen, compared to a regular pineapple. So that's half the size and twice the sweetness for one person to enjoy.

Where can I buy the Precious HoneyGlow pineapple?

As of writing, the Precious HoneyGlow pineapples are not sold in stores. But they’re available online through Melissa’s Produce. They are sold in pairs for $21, so a little pricey, but worth the extra sweetness.