Starting on March 31, aisle 5A in Vital Vittles will be taken over by two new sandwich vendors—Taylor Gourmet and Broodjes & Bier. The addition of these new gourmet sandwiches to the current supply of sandwich options at Vittles is part of The Corp’s effort to become the lunchtime destination on campus.

Lauren Barrison, the Marketing Director for Vittles, says, “With all these new lunchtime options popping up around campus, Vittles intends to be more competitive. We think that these new sandwiches will be different but much higher in quality.”


Vondel Park from Broodjes & Bier: Aged Goat Gouda, Fig Jam, Balsamic Reduction and Arugula.

But have no fear – the sandwiches currently sold at Vittles are not going anywhere. Barrison thinks that the expanded menu will better suit bustling Georgetown students who are always looking to change up their lunchtime repertoire. Vittles plans to introduce three new sandwiches from each vendor. For the first week only, you will receive a free Snapple with your purchase of one of these new sandwiches!

Here is an inside look at where these sandwiches are coming from.

Taylor Gourmet

Taylor Gourmet is the product of a typical bromance. When Philly-born friends Casey Patten and David Mazza moved to DC in 2008, they were shocked by the lack of a great hoagie. Their solution was to show DC what they were missing by opening up their own authentic hoagie shop on H Street NE. Taylor Gourmet sources all its ingredients locally, with fresh breads delivered to their shop daily from a DC baker and cured meats from an authentic, Italian-style market located in Virginia. At Vittles these hoagies will be served at $9.69 per lunchbox, which will include a hoagie, a side salad and a bag of chips–now that’s a deal! Not only has Obama selected Taylor Gourmet as his go-to sandwich shop in DC, but we think you will too.


9th Street Italian from Taylor Gourmet: Genoa Salami, Hot Capicola, Prosciutto, Sharp Provolone

Broodjes & Bier

Broodjes & Bier started from “epic and humble ” beginnings, as founder Sarah Frimpong (aka Frim) likes to say about her Dutch inspired sandwich shop. After studying abroad in Amsterdam, Frim instantly fell in love with Broodjes–Dutch sandwiches–and knew she needed to introduce this Dutch stable to DC. Through Kickstarter, Frim received the funds she needed to start Broodjes & Bier. The company is small, but growing. After just one year in business, Frim has plans to open up Dutch diners around the area.

What makes the Broodje unique is the bread, which Frim sources from a local bakery. She operates out of Union Kitchen, a shared commercial kitchen space in NE Washington D.C. meant specifically for food entrepreneurs. Using authentic recipes, premium Dutch cheeses and all natural produce, Frim guarantees the ultimate ready-to-eat sandwich. Now you have the chance to travel to Amsterdam without paying for airfare and lodging. This trip will cost you less than $10, so make sure to stop by Vittles on Monday!


Courtesy of Broodjes & Bier