If you thought that water was the best option to guzzle down after a particularly sweaty workout or a few hours too long in the sun, think again. A recent study has concluded that milk is actually the most hydrating beverage out there.

According to the research which was published in the journal, Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, milk’s natural balance of sodium, carbohydrates and protein helps the body to retain water and stay hydrated.

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The study conducted tested the hydration of 15 men after four different rounds of cycling. After each round, the men were given either cow’s milk, soy milk, a milk-based meal supplement or Powerade. After the men consumed the drink, a sample of their blood and urine was used to determine levels of hydration and nutrients.

It was concluded that the milk-based products were far superior to that of the Powerade when it came to re-hydrating. However, it is wise to stick to water or sports drinks when hydrating before or during a workout. The men reported feeling more full after consuming the milk, which would make it more difficult to continue physical activity. The feeling of fullness is most likely due to the high protein content in the milk.

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Not only did this study find that milk is more hydrating than water to drink after a workout, but according to Fox News, water can actually have a negative effect on hydration. Study authors noted that drinking water after a workout can cause a decrease in sodium levels, which is known to decrease levels of hydration.

This new discovery has the potential to change your post-workout routine for the better and keep your body in tip-top shape. Next time you find yourself reaching for water or a sports drink after a workout, think about what is best for your body and swap it out for some good ol’ fashioned cow juice.