Entering college brings a lot of new freedoms into a student’s life – the freedom to learn whatever they want, and the freedom to screw whomever they want. Though it is no surprise college students are sexually active, there’s no guarantee they are practicing safe sex. Luckily there are companies like Trojan that care about sexual health in college and want to make sure students are staying safe.

For the past 10 years, Trojan has released a Sexual Health Report Card ranking universities on the sexual health resources available to their students. Schools are ranked across 11 categories including contraceptive and condom availability, STI testing, and sexual assault resources or services.

With the Sexual Health Report Card, Trojan helps schools monitor how useful their student health centers are in educating students about sex, and providing resources for sexually active students. While the full list of 140 schools is available on the Trojan website, here are the 10 schools with the highest and lowest sexual health GPA’s.


Photo courtesy of trojanbrands.com

Though it is important for universities to educate students about safe sex, it’s equally important to provide access to contraceptives such as birth control and condoms, especially when 51% of students admit to having a one night stand.