3 Ingredients: Fruit, Water and a TOUCH of Organic Cane Sugar

I am sure we have all attempted to say the classic words, “my summer diet starts today” before realizing that summer was almost over. If you are like me,  you look to Instagram for food ideas when lettuce with hot sauce is just not going to cut it much longer. For me, living in Manhattan for the summer was exciting for many reasons, food probably being the biggest. Prior to moving in, I made sure to follow every New York foodie Instagram I could find… and make a bucket list… strictly consisting of food.

Chloe's Frozen Fruit

Photo by Hali Goodman

During my first week of exploring NYC, I stumbled upon a hidden gem: Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co. Located on 25 East 17th Street in Union Square.

Strawberry, Mango, Blueberry, Raspberry, Chocolate, and Banana etc. – Chloe’s has it all! With its friendly, soon to be BFF, staff passing out endless amount of samples, there is nothing not to love about this place! Oh, and there are toppings. Yes, peanut butter sauce is an option and it is amazing.

Chloe's Frozen Fruit

Photo by Hali Goodman

Leaving Chloe’s behind for the school year was not easy, but lucky for myself and every other Chloe lover, Chloe has brought her talents to Syracuse, NY!

Walking into Destiny USA has never been so exciting – “Chloe’s Ice Pops now at Gertrude Hawk.” Make sure you bring your appetite the next time you go to Forever 21 to find your Friday night ‘Space Rave’ outfit.

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Personal Favorite: Banana Soft Serve + Peanut Butter Sauce + Rainbow Sprinkles = AMAZING

P.S. Looks like I kept my summer diet since frozen fruit doesn’t count, right?

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