Marshmallows sans animal products (especially gelatin) were in high demand by vegans, vegetarians, and also those who follow Halal and Kosher diets. Trader Joe’s responded to customers’ requests and is now a self-proclaimed Marshmallow Mecca.

Unlike major brands, Trader Joe’s marshmallows are now free of GMOs, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and gelatin. Hurrah!

Photo courtesy of Trader Joe’s


To be honest, Trader Joe’s marshmallows are also fluffier and their sweetness is more pleasant, probably because of the lack of “artificial” in the ingredients list.

Unfortunately, these marshmallows are only seasonal and will be gone by the end of summer. They’re $2.99 per pack so buy extras to last you through the year (especially, to add to your hot chocolate in winter).

You can also use the marshmallows to make a conventional s’more with chocolate and graham crackers, Rice Krispy treats, a s’mores panini, or just eat them with some Nutella.