If you’re a Trader Joe's enthusiast, you should check your pantry. This month alone, three different food products were recalled for different reasons. The grocery store announced recalls for one of the ready-to-eat soups, frozen falafel, and packaged cookies. Here’s what we know about the Trader Joe’s recalls and what to do if you are affected.

Falafel and rocks don’t exactly go together like PB&J

On July 28, Trader Joe’s voluntarily recalled the full-cooked falafel, which is found in the freezer section. The announcement, posted to the Trader Joe’s website, stated that the fully-cooked falafel “may contain rocks.” Yeah, you read that right. Rocks in your falafel. This item has been removed from shelves of the Trader Joe’s that sold it, which was up to 35 states, and told customers not to eat it and either to discard the product or return it for a full refund. 

Bugs might be in your broccoli soup

On July 27, the grocery store chain alerted customers that 10,899 cases of Trader Joe’s Unexpected Broccoli Cheddar Soup have been recalled due to the possibility of insects within the broccoli florets. According to the recall, the soups were sold at Trader Joe’s within seven states: California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. Luckily, no illnesses have been reported yet due to the soup, but Trader Joe’s asked customers to discard the product or return it for a full refund. 

Rocks in my cookies? Oh my.

On July 25, Trader Joes announced that packages of Almond Windmill Cookies, Dark Chocolate Chunk, and Almond Cookies were being recalled due to the possibility the cookies could contain rocks. Again, the chain took action and removed all potentially contaminated products from its stores and destroyed them, instructing customers who purchased these products to discard them or return them to stores for a full refund. 

Trader Joe’s stated that if customers have any questions or concerns regarding the recalls, they should contact Trader Joe’s Customer Relations department at (626) 599-3817 or through the product feedback form on the Trader Joe’s website.