Food is making its way everywhere — fashion trends like the strawberry and tomato girl aesthetics, beauty trends like brownie lips, and…pet names? The culinary world has taken center stage in the evolving realm of pet naming trends, offering up an enticing list of food-inspired names for our four-legged friends. Rover, a platform for pet owners, published the findings of its 11th annual Most Popular Pet Names survey. Our pets have become furry companions with tongue-tingling names. These are the most popular and best food names for pets.

What are the most popular food-related pet names?

1. Beer

The newest trend in the dog world, "Beer," is leading this tasty trend. This fizzy name is bubbling up to the top of the charts, by 330%. Imagine hollering, "Beer, come here!" to your playful, furry pal in the park. It's a name that rolls off the tongue and gives conventional pet names a refreshing twist.

Photo courtesy of Rover

2. Prosecco

But it goes beyond the brews; the kingdom of kitties is also sipping on the delicacy of "Prosecco." With a 793% rise, according to Rover, this name is wildly popular and the toast of the town. Traditional cat names, take a step back. Prosecco is here to bring some sparkle to your feline family.

3. Green Bean

Spikes in other popular food names include Green Bean (up 217%), Cheerios (up 198%), S'more (up 157%), and Tiramisu (up 122%). Our pets become a walking, barking pal of adorably delightful associations. Imagine a lively dog park where you can hear the playful hollers of S'more and Cheerios — a true culinary paradise for animal and food lovers.

Honorable Mentions

The culinary creativity continues. We've got Gogurt, Pop-Tart, Cornichon, Pudding Pop, Chive, and Everything Bagel becoming popular, quirky name selections. One thing is certain as we traverse the ever shifting world of pet trends. Our pets are more than just a fuzzy friend; they are a pleasant combination of company and creativity. The food-inspired pet naming craze is a feast for the senses, adding a delicious touch to the world of pet parenthood, whether you're calling for Prosecco the cat or cheering on Beer the dog.