During a particularly long wait for my dinner, I decided that the stations in Bear’s Den really needed to be equipped with those monitors they have in amusement park lines that tell you how long your wait is going to be until the front of the line. After I accepted that this is probably never going to happen, I decided to find the average time a student waits at each station. Here’s what I found.

The Grizzly Grill
Long story short, don’t go to the grill if you are in a rush of any sort or plan on eating before you graduate. Personally, the Grizzly Grill is my favorite station because everyone needs their protein fix, but you can only refresh Instagram/Twitter/Facebook so many times before standing around waiting for your name to be called gets uncomfortable. If you are really craving that burger and fries, make sure to set aside a sizable chunk of time for dinner.


Sizzle and Stir
The stir fry station can be very unpredictable, so I decided to time it on two separate occasions. The first time, it took 17 minutes and 39 seconds. SEVENTEEN MINUTES AND 39 SECONDS. I figured 17 minutes must’ve been a fluke, so I timed it one more time. This time I got just under 10 minutes. Not too bad. I was given beef even though I ordered chicken but I was pleasantly surprised by the quick return so I let this one slide.

Photo by Rose Suna

Photo by Rose Suna


Ciao Down
Adding to the long list of why pizza is amazing, it only took about 30 seconds to get in Bear’s Den. It’s a really complex process. You go to the pizza station. You look at what kinds of pizza they have. You make the very difficult decision regarding which one you will get. You take the pizza spatula and you take a slice. Done! If they’re out of the type of pizza you want, it will take about 5 minutes for the next pie to be out.


Photo by Rose Suna


Paws ‘n Go Sushi
Another fan favorite that takes no time: Paws n Go sushi. You have to get there on the early side before all of the good rolls are sold out, but it is worth it. Depending on how slow of a walker and decision maker you are, this takes about 45 seconds from the time you enter Paws n Go to the time you pay. I’d say sushi is definitely the move when you are in a hurry or just craving some Japanese.




WUrld Fusion

When you’re craving a burrito but don’t have the time to walk to Chipotle on the Loop, hit up WUrld Fusion in Bear’s Den. Unless you are behind a particularly indecisive person, the whole process takes about 5 minutes. Pick out your meat and toppings, and chow down!


Photo by Rose Suna