Birthdays with cake are good, but celebrations with ice cream cake are better. There's no feeling that matches the childhood excitement of seeing a Dairy Queen ice cream cake come out to the dining room table, frosting chilled, rainbow sprinkles askew, and candles burning bright. If you're anything like me, you lived for the fudgy, crispy middle portion separating layers of ice cream. In fact, sometimes, that's the only part I would eat in its entirety. Of course, you could always buy a Dairy Queen ice cream cake to pick away at by yourself, with family, or with your roomies on any random non-celebration day. Or, you can tap into your nostalgic side by grabbing a viral DQ cupcake. While the treat has been around for decades, TikTok users are rediscovering the individual ice cream cake serving online. 

What's in a DQ cupcake?

In a standard DQ plastic cup, chocolate soft-serve is layered first in the bottom, then topped with chocolate fudge and crunchies. Then, the center is topped with vanilla soft-serve. Many locations will then decorate the top with colorful icing and sprinkles. 

How do I get a DQ cupcake?

The answer might not be as simple as walking in and ordering it on the menu. Actually, it's not listed on the menu or in the DQ app for ordering. Several Dairy Queen locations do have a freezer by the register containing blank ice cream cakes, boxes of Dilly Bars, and the like. Oftentimes, DQ cupcakes will be in the freezer for a pre-made grab-and-go treat. 

However, according to TikTok user Emma Montague, one can order a cupcake at the register. 

However, according to a thread on r/DairyQueen, locations vary in their menu capabilities. While it's not on the official menu, one Redditor claims they sell more than 100 DQ cupcakes in a week.

Photo via Reddit

It's best to call your location or walk into your closest establishment to check the in-store freezer and/or ask a worker about the item. Of course, make sure to be kind and respectful if the store can't fulfill your request.