Our fascination with everything mini has been eagerly catered to by Youtube videos of tiny foods coming out of tiny kitchens and sometimes even eaten by tiny hamsters. And we are not alone in our love — a video from the Miniature Space YouTube channel of a mini strawberry cake’s construction has over 6 million views.  That’s right. Watching an adult’s jumbo hand slice what appears as a massive strawberry with a tiny knife and decorate a cake with a surgeon’s precision is entrancing and seriously addicting.  So much so, there are over 60 thousand posts tagged #minifood on Instagram. Does this delightful obsession speak to our own Napoleon complexes? Or do we just like tiny food for the same reason we like tiny puppies and kittens (they’re cute. Duh.) Whatever the reason, we are happy to indulge in micro-mania especially when it has to do with food. Here are some of the best of the tiny from Instagram.

Check out the account and watch videos of how they’re made here.