Most of the time, Twitter is a place for people to rant freely, however, there are moments when people from all over come together on the site to rally around someone in need. This week, a boy took to twitter to compare a girl in a stunning white and red dress to cheesecake, and what followed was a thing of beauty.

Women from across the country have taken twitter by storm using the tag #CompareYourselfToACheesecake2016 to stand up for the girl in the original post.


Photo courtesy of @spokenELLE on Twitter

This isn’t the first time Twitter has rallied behind someone in need. Last year, after someone posted a rude photo of a man dancing at a concert, people used Twitter to find the anonymous man and organize a dance party in his honor.

But now there are dozens of tweets pouring in of women next to their cheesecake doppleganger, and it’s amazing. These women and their cheesecakes are gorgeous, I mean, just look at this cherry topping.


Photo courtesy of @kingdxrk on Twitter

As funny as this trend may be, the best part of this is the fact that women are standing up for other women. A similar trend that ended up having a huge impact at this year’s Oscar Awards was #AskHerMore. This tag was a way for women to speak out about female celebrities only being asked who they were wearing on the red carpet.


Photo courtesy of @b00b_eck on Twitter

Social media can often be a dark place; after all, we can say whatever we want about anyone behind the comfort of a screen. As the saying goes, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should, and I think these women are proving that point beautifully.


Photo courtesy of @delaknee on Twitter

After scrolling through every tweet, I had to get in on the action and I implore anyone who has a twitter to do the same. Remember there’s a difference between being a “savage” and just being mean. Maybe next time people will think twice before tweeting.