Who doesn’t love celebrating holidays? From Halloween to Groundhog’s Day there is always a reason to celebrate something. In fact, there is a food holiday for every day of the year, yes even February 29. Ever felt like you related to queso on a spiritual level? Well National Queso Day might just be the day you were born.

If you want the full list of National Food Days head over to Refinery29, but here are some of the most important food holidays you should be celebrating this year.

1. National Drink Wine Day – February 18


Photo by Becky Hughes

Not that you needed an excuse to drink wine, but if you were looking for one why not celebrate with your favorite bottle of two-buck chuck?

2. Cereal Day – March 7


Photo by Delaney Strunk

For me, every day is cereal day. If you don’t want to celebrate with a standard bowl of cereal, why not celebrate in a more adult fashion, with alcohol.

3. National Eat What You Want Day – May 11


Photo courtesy of simplyrecipes.com

We get it, not every day can be a cheat day, but can you really deny yourself that second slice of cheesecake on National Eat What You Want Day? We didn’t think so.

4. Bagelfest – July 26


Photo by Angela Pizzimenti

If you were looking for a reason to finally get your hands on the rainbow bagel, look no further, because Bagelfest has you covered.

5. National Coffee Day – September 29


Photo by Christina Robinson

If you have to choose just one holiday to celebrate, let it be this one. More importantly, celebrate it the correct way by drinking coffee at the perfect time of day.