Forbes has finally released its list of 2015’s highest paid celebrities, giving us commoners a peek into the wealth of our favorite stars. Each and every year the list is so dominated by actors and musicians that it’s always a surprise to see someone who doesn’t fit into either category.

It’s fun to see which celebrities tie on the list, such as Justin Bieber and Kenny Chesney who tied for #26. But perhaps the most surprising tie is between Beyoncé and Gordon Ramsay who are tied for #34, each making $54 million in 2015.

Gordon Ramsay

Photo courtesy of @gordongram on Instagram

So how did our favorite foul-mouthed chef rank next to Texas royalty? Well, outside of his 30 restaurants that helped rake in some dough, Ramsay’s starring roles on Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef and MasterChef Junior might have had something to do with it. Hate on reality television all you want, but it’s safe to say Ramsay is having the last laugh.

Despite the impressive feat of tying Queen Bee, Ramsay dropped to #34 from his previous position at #22. But don’t feel too bad for our angry chef, he still came in 30 places above Drake. How ’bout those views?

Gordon Ramsay

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In an ideal world, Beyoncé would see this as a sign from the gods to feature Ramsay on her next album. I’m just saying, a mashup of his best insults and “Don’t Hurt Yourself” would be gold.